10 delicious health tea recommended

Many people love to drink tea, tea is very famous in the country, this article will take us to understand 10 delicious health tea, let’s have a look!

10 delicious health tea recommended

Dragon well

West Lake Longjing is a green tea, one of the top ten famous teas in China. It is produced in the mountains around Longjing Village, West Lake, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and is named for it. It has a history of more than 1200 years. When Emperor Qianlong visited the West Lake of Hangzhou in Qing Dynasty, he praised the Longjing tea of the West Lake and named the eighteen tea trees in front of the Hugong Temple under the Shifeng Mountain as “imperial tea”.


Biluochun is a traditional Chinese famous tea, one of the top ten famous teas in China, belonging to the green tea category, with a history of more than 1,000 years. Biluochun is produced in the area of East Dongting Mountain and West Dongting Mountain (now Wuzhong District, Suzhou) in Taihu Lake, Wuxian County, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, so it is also called “Dongting Biluochun”. It was listed as a tribute in the Tang Dynasty, and the ancient people also called Biluochun “kungfu tea” and “new blood tea”.

Tie Guanyin

Between green tea and black tea, the pure Tieguanyin plant is a shrub type, the tree is spread, the branches are slanted, and the leaves are horizontal. The leaf shape is elliptical, the leaf edge teeth are thin and blunt, the leaf surface is wavy and uplifted, with obvious rib shape, slightly reversed to the back, the blade meat is thick, the leaf color is thick green and smooth, the leaf base is slightly blunt, the leaf tip is slightly concave, slightly skewed to the left, slightly droopy, the bud is purple, so it has “red bud distorted tail peach”, which is one of the characteristics of pure breed.

Black tea

Black tea is a thin, flat, dark brown tea grown in northeast India. Dark red and slightly brown, with a light malt aroma, rose aroma, strong taste, is a strong tea, is the best choice for winter tea. Assam is located in the southern foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, bordering Bhutan.

Pu ‘er tea

Pu ‘er tea pays attention to brewing skills and tasting art, can be drunk, can be mixed. Pu-erh tea tea soup with thick orange and yellow, sharp and lasting aroma, unique flavor, strong and alcohol taste, durable foam resistance.

Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea is made by picking flowers, drying, steaming and baking. According to ancient books, chrysanthemum tastes sweet and bitter, is cold resistant, and has the effects of dispersing wind and clearing heat, clearing liver and brightening eyes and detoxifying inflammation. Chrysanthemum tea originated in the Tang Dynasty and was widely used in people’s life in the Qing Dynasty.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea is a kind of tea with excellent quality produced after picking, withering, shaking green, frying green, rolling and baking. The pharmacological effect of oolong tea is manifested in the decomposition of fat, weight loss and bodybuilding. In Japan, it is called “beauty tea” and “bodybuilding tea”.

Dark tea

Black tea is rich in vitamins and minerals, in addition to proteins, amino acids and sugars. Drinking black tea can supplement the necessary minerals and various vitamins for the human body, which is conducive to the prevention and diet therapy of anemia. In addition, black tea has the effect of reducing fat and losing weight, softening human blood vessels, and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

The above mainly introduces 10 kinds of delicious health tea, and then together to understand the precautions for drinking tea

Don’t drink a lot of strong tea immediately after meals

The tea polyphenols in tea may combine with nutrients such as iron, calcium and protein in food, and affect the absorption of nutrients, so it is not recommended to drink a lot of strong tea immediately after a meal, of course, it is OK to drink a small amount of weak tea after a meal.

Try not to drink strong tea before bed

The caffeine in tea has a refreshing effect, but for people with poor sleep quality or easy insomnia, drinking tea before going to bed is likely to affect sleep at night, therefore, it is recommended that such people do not drink strong tea after four or five o ‘clock in the afternoon.

Tea should not be too hot

Some people have the habit of drinking hot tea, but in fact, the human mouth, esophagus, stomach mucosa can tolerate the highest temperature of about 50℃-60℃, more than this temperature, easy to cause mucosal damage, if long-term repeated stimulation of esophageal mucosa, will increase the risk of esophageal cancer, so tea is best not to exceed 60℃.

Of course, drinking cold tea is not recommended. Generally, warm tea is appropriate.

Don’t drink a lot of tea on an empty stomach

Drinking a lot of tea on an empty stomach is easy to dilute gastric juice, which affects appetite and digestion, and some people drink tea on an empty stomach can cause dizziness, palpitations and other discomfort. Of course, for ordinary healthy people, it is no problem to drink some weak tea on an empty stomach before meals.

The above is about 10 delicious health tea to share, I hope it can help you.

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