10 yoga moves for deep relaxation

Many people who like to practice strength yoga, like to practice some yoga series movements with sufficient strength and strength, but sometimes you will find that after some high-intensity yoga, the muscles will be particularly sore the next day! This It’s the result of not doing foot stretching!

Today, I will share 10 deep stretching yoga movements for everyone. It is also suitable for people who are stiff and nervous. Hurry up and collect them!

Action 1

Mountain pose, prepare a foam roller

Inhale, lift your right foot on the foam roller

Static pause for 10-12 breaths

You can also choose to roll the soles of your feet back and forth for 60 seconds

Action 2

Sitting position, left leg bent, right leg straight

Toe hook back, place foam box under the right calf

After rolling back and forth for 60 seconds, switch to the other side

Action 3

Lie on your stomach, put your hands on your elbows, and bend your right knee slightly

Roll back and forth with a foam roller on the front of the right thigh

After staying for 60 seconds, switch to the other side

Action 4

Lie prone with the right elbow flexed in an L shape

Place a foam roller under the inside of the right arm

Scroll back and forth for 60 seconds and switch sides

Action 5

Lie on your back, left knee bent, right leg straight up

Inhale, straighten your right leg up and stretch your right foot

After 1-2 minutes, switch to the other side

Action 6

Low lunge preparation, a chair can be prepared

Left knee bent in front, right knee bent to the ground

Exhale, tighten your core, and feel the stretch in the front of your right leg

After staying for 1-2 minutes, switch to the other side

Action 7

Exit from the previous movement and go into Dove Pose

Inhale, rotate your right hip externally, and land on the outside of your right leg

Keep your spine extended, keep your hands on the ground

After staying for 1-2 minutes, switch to the other side

Action 8

Lie on your stomach, knees bent, hips extended

Put your elbows on the ground and enter the frog squat

Pay attention to tightening the core, do not slump

Stay for 1-2 minutes

Action 9

Mountain pose, the chair is one upper body distance away from the body

Exhale, tighten your core, and bend your body forward

Hold the back of the chair with both hands, inhale, and restore

Repeat the exercise 10-15 times

Action 10

stand on the end of the mat

Exhale, bend your body forward

Move your hands forward into a slanted plank

Inhale, bend your right knee and step forward

Exhale, tighten your core

Open the right hand and straighten up, twist the ribcage

Inhale, drop your left knee into Crescent Pose

Exhale, bring your hips back into Demigod Monkey Pose

Inhale, return to Mountain Pose after withdrawing from the plank

Repeat the exercise 8-10 times

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