2 fairy earrings for girls

I am a female blogger, usually like a lot of women, like a variety of beautiful accessories, such as: earrings, there are many types of earrings on the market, this article will mainly introduce 2 kinds of fairy earrings, these 2 beautiful earrings are very unique, suitable for 25-35 years old female groups, together to understand it.

Process specification

Gold plating process: In the jewelry production process, a metal layer is attached to the surface of the base material to achieve a change in color, increase the luster and durability of the process. Common coating materials include gold, Ming, K gold and so on. Because the coating is only attached to the surface, the quality inspection material is the commodity base material. Daily wear rubbing, friction, etc., may cause the coating to fall off and damage: makeup and skin care products and other substances may also corrosion the coating to cause the appearance of fading or discoloration. Keep the jewelry dry and clean, avoid wearing when bathing and cooking, which can extend the maintenance time of the coating to a certain extent.

Material description

Synthetic Moissanite: commonly known as “Moissanite”, “Moissanite diamond”, etc., is a common diamond imitation.

Synthetic cubic oxidation wrong: commonly known as “synthetic wrong stone”, “rhinestones”, etc., is a common imitation of diamonds. There is a natural output of the wrong stone, but because its output is not high, there is less circulation on the market, so the unspecified “wrong stone” generally refers to “synthetic cubic oxidation wrong”.

Ear needle material: s925 silver

These two products are original design, very popular with people, its price is also very affordable, generally knowledgeable women will like this kind of products, like I go out with friends or date with a boyfriend, will wear these two earrings oh.

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