5 delicious ways to eat chicken feet

Chicken feet is a favorite food of many people, the price is not expensive, the taste is very good, this article will take us to understand the 5 delicious ways to eat chicken feet.

1. Tiger skin and chicken feet

Tiger skin and chicken feet are a famous local dish with perfect taste. The skin is tender, the color is full, and it is especially attractive. The meat palm is rich, fresh and spicy, the more chewing the more fragrant, the more chewing the stronger. Made of chicken feet pepper, cinnamon, star anise, a little salt and so on.

2. Lemon boneless chicken feet

Boneless lemon chicken feet, a charming snack, is popular for its sweet and sour, tender and smooth taste, and is a common delicacy from night market stalls to fine restaurants.

3. Garlic Chicken feet

Garlic chicken feet are very fragrant, taste is also very good, simple practice, by many people like.

4. Braised potato with chicken feet

Chicken feet stewed potato is a relatively fresh approach, taste very good, nutrition is also very rich! This dish has a very high level of appearance and many people love it.

5. Spicy Grilled chicken feet

Spicy roasted chicken feet is a dish made of chicken feet, chili powder and oyster sauce. It is simple and delicious.

The above mainly introduces the 5 kinds of delicious eating methods of chicken feet, and then take you to understand how to buy chicken feet?

Checking the texture of the chicken feet

Fresh chicken feet should be plump, elastic, non-sticky and not dry. If the chicken feet are soft, elastic, or too dry to touch, they are not fresh and should not be purchased.

Depends on the appearance of the chicken feet

Fresh chicken feet should be beige in color, glossy, and have no obvious dirt and odor on the surface. If the surface of the chicken feet is black, yellow or has obvious odor, it is not fresh and should not be purchased.

Paying attention to the breed and origin of the chicken feet

There are many varieties of chicken feet on the market, including native chicken feet, chicken feet, feed chicken feet and so on. Among them, the nutritional value of chicken feet and chicken feet is higher, but the price is relatively high. In the purchase, to choose a reliable source, quality guaranteed business, to avoid buying poor quality chicken feet.

Paying attention to how the feet are stored

The purchased chicken feet should be stored in the freezer, away from direct sunlight and moisture. At the same time, wash the chicken feet thoroughly before cooking to remove dirt and bacteria from the surface.

It depends on the way the feet are processed

Most of the chicken feet on the market are processed, such as fried, spiced, roasted and so on. When purchasing, choose chicken feet with simple processing methods and without adding too many additives to reduce the harm to the body.

It is best to take everyone together to understand the precautions for eating chicken feet

Purchase channel

Choose reputable food stores with good sanitary conditions to buy chicken feet, and avoid buying products of unknown origin or poor sanitary conditions.


Choose chicken feet with bright color and firm meat, and avoid buying products that smell or show signs of deterioration.

Cooking method

Chicken feet need to be thoroughly cooked to ensure that their internal temperature reaches a safe level and avoid raw or semi-raw food to prevent bacterial infection.

Washing thoroughly

Before cooking, the chicken feet should be thoroughly cleaned to remove surface impurities and dirt.

Pre-edible treatment

Chicken feet can be blanched before eating to remove impurities remaining on the surface and improve the taste.

Moderate consumption

Chicken feet is a high collagen food, but also contains more cholesterol, it is recommended to eat in moderation to avoid excessive intake.

Personal allergy

People who are allergic to chicken or other foods should be careful to eat it, and stop eating it immediately if they are not adapted to it.

Storage temperature

Chicken feet should be cooled quickly after cooking and kept at the right temperature to avoid bacterial growth.

Paying attention to the heat

Ensure that the chicken feet are cooked at a moderate heat and are cooked but not rotten to maintain the nutrients of the ingredients.

Avoiding over-frying

Avoid over-frying chicken feet to reduce intake of excess oil.

The above is about the five delicious ways to share chicken feet, I hope it can help you.

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