5 effects of skin cream

The function of the cream is to lighten the skin tone, cover the small blemishes on the skin, and have the effect of fake makeup. In recent years, the concept of no-makeup cream has suddenly become popular, just like BB cream in the past, the streets have begun to promote no-makeup cream. Toning cream is really a great way to maintain your skin and make it look naturally good.

Skin nourishing effect

In fact, no matter what the price of the foundation, due to the composition of the relationship will cause a certain degree of damage to the skin, long-term use will make the skin become dark, pores are more coarse. In addition to titanium dioxide, there is no other powder ingredients in the cream, and a large number of maintenance ingredients are added, which has a certain effect on the skin.

The role of sunscreen

The titanium dioxide in the cream is actually a sunscreen, a physical sunscreen ingredient. Therefore, if you apply a natural cream, you can have a certain sunscreen effect. However, a single layer of light cream may not provide the best protection from the sun, so to avoid sunburn, it is recommended to apply sunscreen alone before the light cream.

Cover the pores

Because modern women face computers and mobile phones for a long time, the blue light radiation of digital products will make the skin become greasy, increase the amount of oil, and bring the trouble of enlarged pores. The use of makeup cream can easily cover the pores, although it is a short immediate effect, but compared to the foundation to be more natural, disguised as the skin is already very delicate appearance.

Whitening effect

The ingredients of the cream contain carbon dioxide, many physical sunscreen products contain carbon dioxide components, titanium dioxide can immediately make the skin white, through the principle of light reflection and scattering, visually can immediately improve the degree of whitening, but the use of time can not be too much, otherwise it will cause false white phenomenon.

Lighten skin tone

The biggest effect of a lightening cream is to lighten the skin. Many girls’ own skin is still relatively delicate, and there are not too many flaws, but the uneven skin color and dark yellow will be very annoying, and the makeup cream is born for this pregnancy. Applying a lightening cream can naturally lighten the skin, so there is no need to use liquid foundation.

The above mainly introduces the five major effects of skin cream, and then together to understand the skin cream will not harm the skin?

In fact, most of it is a chemical that can whiten the skin, which is found in many sunscreens, but also prevent UV rays and make skin tone better. Usually with this cream, you have to remove your makeup.

Compared with other cosmetics, it is not so harmful to the skin. It contains a protein called snail, which can moisturize the skin very well, and there are some essence of paeony, which can make the skin better. But it is more suitable for dry skin, a lot of oil skin, it is recommended not to use.

Like skin care products, it has many natural elements, so it is not very harmful to the skin. But it also has some harmful substances in it, can not stay on the skin for a long time. Be sure to test before use, whether it will be allergic, if allergic, the harm to the skin is still very great, there will be a lot of bad symptoms, such as redness and swelling, skin will become very fragile, no resistance.

When buying, be sure to know your skin, in order to buy the right and good products, the skin will be less damaged. If you want to buy a good product, go to the brand store to buy, do not buy some random brand, the quality is not guaranteed. Although its concealer effect is good, it can not be used often and will have a great burden on the skin. When buying, do not choose some very white, bad, poor quality, the effect is not so good, it is easy to hurt the body, the skin becomes very bad, it is easy to allergic.

After use, if you do not remove makeup at night to sleep, it is easy to block the pores, let the pores become large, it is also easy to get acne, damage the skin.

Finally, there are some precautions for using makeup cream, and the following brings you to understand

Makeup cream has skin care effect and brightening skin effect, but it is still a cosmetic, it is best not to use every day, long-term use will lead to skin deterioration, so the need to pay attention to when the makeup is to do a good job of skin care before makeup, after makeup to do a good job of cleaning the skin.

This article mainly introduces the five main effects of skin cream, but also adds some related knowledge, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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