5 types of coffee

Coffee is a drink that many people like to drink, coffee taste good, but also can be used to refresh, wake up. This article will take us deeper into more knowledge about coffee.

Types of coffee

1. Latte

After my freelance work, I like to go to the coffee shop to order a cup of latte to drink, latte taste is very good, and the appearance level is also very high, by many people like.

2. Americano

Americano coffee can be a little bitter, and the American way is very simple, also with espresso as a base, and then diluted with water. To put it bluntly, it is concentrated with water, no sugar or milk, and perfectly retains the original taste of coffee, which is bitter and has a higher caffeine content.

3. Australian white

Compared with the latte, the white coffee has a much stronger coffee flavor, while the milk flavor is relatively light, and the taste is more smooth and smooth than the latte. I should also mention that there is an instant coffee in Malaysia, also called “White coffee”, but it is not the same as Flat White!

4. Vietnamese coffee

Traditional Vietnamese coffee is coffee and condensed milk drinking method, many flavors are very strong, more greasy and milk aroma basically covers the original aroma of coffee, sour taste, coffee unique burnt aftertaste. Saigon coffee is slightly different from traditional Vietnamese coffee, its unique production and processing technology, high standard of materials, restore the pure flavor of coffee, so that the majority of consumers to drink pure Vietnamese original coffee.

5. Indonesian coffee

This coffee is still very popular with people, the price is not expensive, and the taste is unique

Then let’s learn how to buy coffee beans

1, according to the origin of selection

Where coffee beans are grown has a big impact on their taste. Ethiopia’s coffee beans, for example, are loved for their sour and fruity taste. Brazilian beans tend to have a nutty flavor. You can choose according to your own taste.

2, choose coffee roasting degree

Coffee roasting is divided into light roasting, medium roasting and deep roasting. Light roasted coffee has a sour taste, and dark roasted coffee has a bitter taste. In general, medium roast coffee is the most popular because it is neither sour nor bitter and suits most people’s tastes.

3. Organic or non-organic

Organic coffee beans are grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, so their quality is better and taste more pure. Although the price is slightly higher, many people are willing to choose organic coffee for the sake of health and the environment.

How to judge the freshness of your coffee

First, look at the packaging date:

Check the packaging date of the coffee, in general, coffee is best from 2 weeks to 2 months after roasting.

Second, smell the fragrance:

Open the package and take a deep breath, fresh coffee beans should have an intoxicating aroma.

Third, look at the appearance of coffee beans:

The beans should be full, free of debris and evenly colored.

Choose fresh coffee, not only to drink delicious coffee, but also to ensure that every cup of coffee is the best, so that you feel refreshed every day.

Finally, let’s take you to understand the precautions for drinking coffee

Don’t add sugar to your coffee

You can add some whole milk, because the coffee companion has a higher fat content, and there are hydrogenated vegetable oils, which is not healthy.

People who drink coffee like to add sugar and coffee companions, if replaced with milk, not only have a sweet and smooth taste, but also can supplement protein and calcium.

Moderation is health

Drinking coffee in moderation can refresh your mind and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. But the caffeine in coffee is metabolized by a specific enzyme system in the liver, and a small number of people have mutations in that enzyme system.

The metabolism of caffeine is slow, and the accumulation time of caffeine in the body after drinking coffee is long and the concentration is high. Such people should carefully control their intake.

Time your coffee well

The timing of drinking coffee is also very important, we try not to drink coffee after dinner, because coffee has a refreshing effect.

If you drink coffee after dinner, it will affect people’s sleep, and it is easy to produce insomnia symptoms. When we drink coffee, it is best to choose after breakfast or lunch, when drinking coffee can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help human digestion.

At the same time, drinking coffee at this time will not cause excessive stimulation to our stomach and intestines, which is conducive to better protecting gastrointestinal health.

Choosing the right water for your coffee

Many people in life are very particular about the brewing of tea, from the utensils to the choice of water are very focused on, and for the brewing of coffee will be a lot of random.

In fact, if the substance inside the coffee wants to be completely released, the water still needs to be carefully chosen. In particular, hard water containing a variety of elements cannot be used, such as mineral water, which will affect the release of coffee substances, and plain water becomes the best option.

Don’t drink hot coffee

Many people like to drink hot coffee when they drink it, and feel that drinking it will make the body very warm. Although this is only a personal choice, but this choice is not good for health, need to be corrected. food

The mucosa can only withstand the temperature below 60 degrees, and hot coffee is far more than 60 degrees, and drinking it will damage the esophageal mucosa.

Although the esophageal mucosa has a certain ability to recover, but continue to do so, will increase the chance of esophageal cancer. Just brewed coffee, do not be anxious to drink, after a period of time, put the coffee warm to drink.

The above is about coffee knowledge related to sharing, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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