6 Delicious ways to eat beef

Many people like to eat beef, beef taste very good, nutrition is also rich, this article will introduce us to beef 6 delicious way to eat, I believe you will like oh.

1. Beef sauce

The beef in soy sauce is rich in flavor and taste, and is often cut into slices and eaten as a side dish. Winter beef with sauce also has the effect of warming the stomach and dispelling the cold, which is one of the best winter supplements

2. Air-dried beef

Originated in Inner Mongolia, as early as 800 years ago, known as Genghis Khan’s army food. The advantage of Inner Mongolia air dried beef is that the selection of grassland cattle as raw materials, seasoning for a variety of natural ingredients, the produced beef jerky for the original flavor of beef, very chewy.

3. Roast beef

Roast beef is a kind of food, the main materials are beef, raw ginger, green onion, garlic puree, sugar, black pepper, baked sesame noodles, mushrooms, green pepper, onion, carrot and so on. Roast beef fragrant, salty and sweet taste, roast aroma, unique flavor, rich nutrition.

4. Beef meatballs

Beef meatball, is one of the traditional snacks, is made of beef, starch food, can be used as a snack, but also as a soup dish on the feast.

5. Braised beef

Braised beef is a traditional dish in Sichuan cuisine. The taste is spicy, spiced, etc. The main material is beef with other accessories.

6. Beef noodles

Beef noodles, a common pasta dish, is also a traditional delicacy in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. This dish has the characteristics of “one clear, two white, three green, four red, five yellow”, and beautiful color, flavor, reputation all over the world.

The above mainly introduces the six kinds of delicious eating of beef, and then take you to understand how to buy beef?

Learning about beef breeds

Before buying beef, you first need to understand the different varieties of beef and their application scenarios. Common beef varieties are brisket, beef shank, tenderloin, steak and so on. Among them, beef brisket is suitable for hot pot; Beef tendons are used to make stewed dishes or sauced beef; Beef rear rump is suitable for raw stir-fry or as a filling for dumplings; The tail can be used in braised rice or soup.

Paying attention to the appearance of the beef

When buying beef, the first thing to look at is the appearance of beef. The top of the beef should be bright red with blood stains, and there is a certain degree of moisture. If the surface is too dry, it means that it has been a long time and may not be fresh. Also, don’t believe the so-called “no water” statement, because even if the beef is watered, it will become dry within a few days.

Observing the color of the beef

In addition to the appearance, observing the color of the beef is also an important step in choosing high-quality beef. Fresh beef should be bright red, and the tendons are very soft. If the beef is dark or white, it is not very fresh. In addition, in the south, where it is not very cold, fresh beef feels warm after being killed, and fresh beef in the north will smoke, which is also one of the ways to judge the freshness of beef.

Feeling the texture of the beef

Good quality beef should have a delicate texture and elasticity, and feel firm and tight. If the beef will water when you pinch it with your hands, it means that it has more water and may not be very fresh. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the texture of the beef, if the texture is clear and tight, it means that the meat quality is good.

Choosing a regular supplier

When buying beef, it is also important to choose a regular supplier. You can choose a butcher shop with a good reputation in the wet market or buy beef with a guaranteed quality brand in the supermarket. If you like to buy beef online, you need to choose a platform that has a good reputation and provides protection.

Finally, take you to understand what points need to pay attention to eating beef?

Don’t eat too much

China’s dietary guidelines recommend eating 40 to 75 grams of livestock and poultry meat every day, usually hot pot restaurant a plate of fat-boiled cattle weight can exceed 250 grams, eat a plate of exceeded.

With vegetables and fruits

Beef is delicious, but you can’t just eat meat. The key to health is to eat a variety of foods, eating everything and not much of anything.

Eating less soup and eat more meat

The nutrition in the soup is actually very small, most of it is still in the meat. Milky beef soup is rich in fat and tastes good, but it is not healthy.

The above is about beef related knowledge sharing, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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