6 delicious ways to eat fried rice

Fried rice is simple, less time, but the taste is very good, by many people like, today mainly recommend 6 kinds of fried rice delicious way to eat.

6 delicious ways to eat fried rice

1. Grandma’s fried rice with egg

This fried rice has some innovation, adding some grandma’s dishes, the practice is still the same simple, this fried rice taste is very good

2. Pineapple fried rice

This dish has a very high level of appearance and is very creative! Pineapple fried rice, in addition to adding pineapple meat, will also add some shrimp and so on

3. Fried rice with ham

Ham can be eaten raw, can be used for cooking, can also be used for fried rice, ham fried rice has been favored by many people, simple, but the taste is very good

4. Soy sauce fried rice

In addition to being used to raise freshness when cooking, soy sauce can also be used to fry rice, soy sauce is very fragrant

5. Fried rice with leek and egg

Fried rice with leek and egg is a kind of fried rice I love very much, I like to use leek and egg fried rice in my childhood holiday at home

6. Potato fried rice

Potatoes can be fried or stewed, but there is another way to eat, that is, potatoes can also be used for fried rice, and the taste is also very good

Then take you to understand what to pay attention to when making egg fried rice?

Do a good job of eating egg fried rice should pay attention to master the heat. If the heat is not good, the egg fried rice will have some bad taste, the fire will be burnt off, and the fire will not come out of the fragrant flavor. There are many ways to do egg fried rice, such as soy sauce fried rice, sour bean fried rice. Mixed fried rice, Yangzhou fried rice, etc., is completely according to their own preferences to do what you want to do what kind of. Delicious fried rice, put the seasoning is also very important, especially when scrambled eggs, be sure to put a little salt and white vinegar to remove the smell of eggs, otherwise the egg fried rice will also affect the taste.

The above is about the fried rice 6 delicious eating methods to share, as well as precautions, I hope to help you.

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