8 great food in Taiwan

There are a lot of food in Taiwan, which is loved by many people. This article will take us to learn more about the food in Taiwan. This article mainly introduces 8 kinds of food.

1. Taiwan ginger duck

Speaking of the food in Taiwan, the first thing that comes to my mind is ginger duck. As a classic dish in Taiwan, ginger duck is very famous in the local area and is sought after by many diners.

2. Rice cake with crab paste

In Taiwan, the crab rice cake is a very authentic dish, no matter the old or the young, there is no resistance to this dish.

3. Spiced pork feet

Looking across the country, the dish of spiced pork feet is almost available in every region. The spiced pork foot in Taiwan is not only loved by many people, but also a food often eaten by many stars.

4. Taiwan Triple cup chicken

Speaking of three cups of chicken, this is not only the food of Taiwan, the three cups of chicken after the delicious smell, let people have endless aftertaste

5. Golden shrimp balls

Taiwanese people have a deep obsession with shrimp, and there are countless dishes made of shrimp, such as this golden shrimp ball.

6. Roasted mullet roe

If you have seen the Taiwanese New Year dishes, you will know that roasted mullet roe is an essential food on the table

7. Taiwan stinky tofu

The preparation of stinky tofu in Taiwan requires the tofu to be fermented for a period of time to give off its characteristic smell. Then fry the tofu until golden brown and serve with a sauce. Despite its unique smell, Taiwan stinky tofu is tender and delicious, making it one of many people’s favorite snacks, and the price of this tofu is also very cheap

8. Oyster omelette

The omelette is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. The omelette is rich in oyster and egg milk. It tastes delicious. Scallions, coriander and special sauces are often added to add more flavor. Oyster omelets are one of the most popular snacks in Taiwan’s night markets. But generally we can eat more authentic oyster omelette in Taiwan, other countries, other cities to buy oyster omelette may not be too authentic.

This article mainly introduces 8 Taiwanese food, each food taste is very good, I hope you can like.

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