8 tourist attractions in Shenzhen

I have been working in Shenzhen for nearly 7 years. The weather is good and there are many beautiful places in Shenzhen. Today, this article mainly introduces the top ten tourist attractions in Shenzhen.

1. Shenzhen Happy Valley

Shenzhen Happy Valley I went several times, inside the beautiful scenery, there are a lot of places to play, tickets two or three hundred yuan, of course, there will be discounted tickets every year. Shenzhen Happy Valley covers an area of 350,000 square meters, a total investment of 2 billion yuan, the park is divided into nine theme areas: Spain Square, Magic Castle, Adventure Mountain, Gold Town, Shangri-La, Hurricane Bay, Sunshine Coast, Happy Hours and Maya Water Park, a total of more than 100 amusement projects.

2. Shenzhen Splendid China

The blogger himself went to this place 3 times, the scenery is beautiful, there are many performances are also very good-looking, but these projects are charged, I recommend you to play here in winter, summer will be relatively hot.

3. Shenzhen huaqiaocheng

It is a large-scale integrated resort integrating tourism, leisure and entertainment, known as the “back garden” of Shenzhen. Can let you enjoy the fun of the ride. In addition, there are many hot springs and spa facilities where you can enjoy the comfort and relaxation of the hot springs. This place tickets are not expensive, I went to two times, are received discount coupons, 99 yuan to buy.

4. Lianhuashan Park

Lianhuashan Park is free, the scenery is beautiful, the blogger has been many times, whether it is a person, or two people, this place is suitable to play, go for a walk oh. There are many famous scenic spots here, such as the Big Buddha, South China Sea Guanyin, Longjing Valley, etc., which can let you know the history and cultural heritage of Shenzhen. In addition, it is also a good place to enjoy the flowers. In spring, cherry blossoms and azaleas on the mountain compete to open, forming a beautiful picture.

5. Shenzhen Wildlife Park

There are many animals in this park, very lovely, the scenery is also super beautiful, there are many precious wild animals, such as giant pandas, golden monkeys, Antarctic penguins, etc., can let you observe the life habits of wild animals at close range. In addition, there are many interactive experiences, such as horseback riding, yacht rides, etc., so that you can enjoy the fun of intimate contact with animals. This park has to buy a ticket to enter, but there are usually coupons, you can find on the wechat public number.

6. Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

When the blogger just graduated, he worked near the botanical garden for 2 years, the blogger has been to this place several times, the ticket is very cheap, go early in the morning, it is free. There are many famous scenic spots here, such as Hongfa Temple, Fairy Lake, Jinxiu Villa, etc., which can let you enjoy the beauty of nature.

7. Shenzhen Sea World

Shenzhen Sea World is a water animal theme park with shows, sightseeing and interactive experiences. We usually go at night, the night view is very beautiful, very suitable for couples to play oh.

8. Wutong Mountain

Wutong Mountain is praised as “paradise” and is one of the natural scenic spots worth visiting in Shenzhen. This place is free, if you want to climb the mountain, this place is a good choice, you can go to this place with friends to climb the mountain, walk.

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