9 beautiful nail art styles to share

Nail art is one of the modern women’s pursuit of beauty. In our daily life, the nails on the fingers and toes are not only a small part, but also an important part of showing their temperament and taste. Different nail art styles can not only add to our image, but also enhance our confidence and charm. So, in this article, I’m going to introduce you to 9 manicure styles that will make your fingers and toes more beautiful!

Festive nail art

Festive nail art is a style that is perfect for celebratory occasions, such as weddings, birthday parties, etc. Paint some small flowers, hearts and other patterns on your nails to make them look more interesting and cute. This style is perfect for young women and people who like to have fun.

Graphic nail art

The patterned nail is a very flexible nail style that can be painted in different patterns according to different occasions and moods. You can draw some small stars, hearts, small circles, etc., to make the nails look very interesting and cute. This style is perfect for everyday life and dating and other occasions.

Pearl manicure

A pearlescent manicure is a glossy manicure style that makes your nails look brighter and brighter. Apply a layer of pearlescent glitter to your nails to give them an attractive shine and make your fingers stand out. This style is suitable for special occasions such as dinners or dances.

French manicure

French manicure is one of the most classic manicure style, its simplicity and elegance is unmatched by other styles. Line the top of the nail with a white or light pink line to give the whole nail a cleaner look. This style is suitable for various occasions, especially for work or school occasions, is the most suitable.

Frosted manicure

A matte manicure is a rough looking manicure style, but it gives a unique feel. The texture of the matte manicure is very special, which can make people look more advanced and atmospheric. Apply a scrub glitter to your nails to give them a three-dimensional, textured look. This style is suitable for more casual occasions, such as parties or travel.

Petal manicure

The petal manicure is a great style for spring and summer, which can make nails look fresh and natural. Paint some small petals on the nail to make the nail look like a flower, which is very cute. This style is perfect for everyday occasions such as work or dating.

Three-dimensional nail art

Three-dimensional nail art is a very distinctive nail style, which can make nails more three-dimensional and textured. Use some three-dimensional elements on the nails, such as small beads, small diamonds, small flowers, etc., to make the nails look more vivid. This style is suitable for special occasions, such as weddings or other formal occasions.

Gradient nail art

Gradient nail art is a very popular style of nail art, its color transition effect is very natural and soft. You can use two or more colors and apply them gradually to your nails for a softer and more delicate look. This style is perfect for spring and summer.

Crystal nail art

Crystal manicure is a very gorgeous and advanced manicure style that will give your nails an attractive shine. Apply a layer of clear glitter to your nails and then attach some small crystals to them to make them look very gorgeous and noble. This style is suitable for formal occasions, such as weddings or dinners.

Nail art precautions

1, avoid touching acid rain and alkali. For example: lemon juice, detergent, etc.

2, after finishing nails, usually at home to do a good job of basic nail care, to work hard to wipe moisturizing cream and other skin care products.

3, avoid excessive contact with water and oil, otherwise the gel is easy to flake.

4. Try to avoid doing things with your fingertips. Using your fingertips too much can cause gel to peel away from your fingers and damage your nails.

5, if there is a phenomenon of nail stripping, to use nail clipping, do not use the hand directly peeled off! Otherwise the real armor becomes thinner and thinner.

6, avoid long-term nail, should be removed after the rest of 3 weeks to 1 month before continuing to do! Otherwise, the nail surface is easy to appear rough and not smooth due to long-term polishing.

The above is the important knowledge about nail art to share, read carefully, I believe it will help you very much.

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