9 Delicious ways to eat potatoes

The price of potatoes is cheap, the taste is good, the practice is many, by many people like. This article will take us to understand 9 delicious ways to eat potatoes, let’s take a look!

1. Fried potatoes and ham with green pepper

This dish has a high level of appearance, beautiful taste, and is liked by many people. It is a very good meal

2. Hot and sour shredded potatoes

Hot and sour potato shreds, is made of potato, pepper, white vinegar, onion, ginger and other Sichuan dishes, bright color, hot and sour delicious.

3. Braised potatoes

This dish has a high level of appearance, simple practice, super rice, and is liked by many people

4. Beef with potatoes

This dish is very nutritious, easy to make, but time-consuming, and many people like it

5. Spareribs with potatoes

This dish may take a long time to cook, but it is very nutritious and many people love to eat it

6. Hash browns

Potato cake is a kind of food made of potato, egg and flour as main ingredients. It tastes delicious and has rich influence

7. Braised small potatoes

Small potatoes are also very popular with people, like braised small potatoes taste super good, simple practice, by many people like

8. Potatoes with minced meat

Minced pork potato is a dish made of potatoes and other main ingredients, belongs to the home dish, the taste is salty umami. It’s very cheap. A lot of people love it

9. Salt and pepper potatoes

This dish has a high level of appearance, suitable for late night snack or afternoon tea, and the taste is excellent.

The above mainly introduces nine kinds of delicious eating of potatoes, and then together to understand what need to pay attention to eating potatoes?

Treatment: Raw potatoes contain toxic substances solanine, after cooking toxicity will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is best to cook or cook potatoes thoroughly before eating.

Skin treatment: Potato skins are rich in nutrients, but can also contain pesticide residues. If you choose to keep the skin, it’s best to choose organic potatoes or wash them with a brush.

Starch and calories: Potatoes are the main source of starch and are high in carbohydrates. Moderate intake in the diet, especially for people with diabetes or who need to control their carbohydrate intake.

Mix ingredients: Potatoes with other vegetables, protein and fiber foods can better balance your diet and increase overall nutrition.

Personal allergies or discomfort: Some people may be allergic to or have difficulty digesting potatoes and should seek medical attention if they experience any symptoms of discomfort.

Above are 9 delicious ways to share potatoes, I hope it will help you.

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