9 recommended yoga moves

Many people who don’t practice yoga always stop at yoga: yoga is very simple, just lie there and stretch, no power is needed! In fact, if you don’t practice yoga, you won’t feel the inner power of yoga at all!

Today, I will share 9 yoga movements with you. If you have never practiced yoga, you might as well try these movements and feel the beauty of the power of yoga movements!

1. Magic chair twist

Mountain pose, inhale, spine extension

Exhale, bend your hips, bend your knees and squat down

Inhale, lift your chest up, put your hands together

Exhale, close your core and twist your body to the right

The left elbow is on the outside of the right knee, and the shoulders are stretched back

Hold for 5-8 breaths, switch to the other side

2. Anti-war

Mountain pose, feet more than a leg apart

Turn right foot to the right, bend right knee, rotate right hip externally

Exhale, contract your core and turn your body to the left

The left-hand rests on the calf, the right hand is straight above the head

Keep your hips neutral for 5-8 breaths

3. Starting twist

Exit from the previous pose, inhale and turn the left foot to the right

Raise your left heel on tiptoe, exhale, and tighten your core

Twist the body to the right, the left-hand touch the ground, and the right hand opens up

Enter the starting twist and stay for 5-8 breaths

Then move 4-5 and switch to the other side

4. Cat-Cow

Put your hands on the ground and kneel on your knees in a four-legged kneel

Exhale, tighten your core, and ribs, and curl your tailbone

Push down on the ground with both hands, with chest arched and back up

Inhale, turn your pelvis forward

Raise the chest and lift the spine, extending the spine section by section

Repeat the exercise 10-15 times

5. Camel

Kneel on both knees, thighs perpendicular to the ground

Inhale, extend the spine, push hips forward

Exhale, contract your core and bend your body back

Open the chest and push up for 5-8 breaths

6. Downward dog with one leg – mountain climbing

Exit Camel Pose and Enter Downward Dog Pose

Inhale, lift your right leg back up

Get into Downward Dog Pose with left foot on tiptoe

7. Exhale, tighten your core

Bend your right leg, bend your knees, and look forward to your chest

Raise the chest, inhale, and restore

Repeat the exercise 5-8 times switching sides

8. Crane Zen

With your hands shoulder-width apart, push the ground with your palms

Exhale, contract core, knees close to forearms

Hip back up, instep straight

Enter Crane Pose, stay for 3-5 breaths

9. Bird King

Sitting position, right leg bent up, left leg down

Cross your knees, inhale, bend your left elbow

The right elbow is bent and the forearms are intertwined

Raise your elbows, relax your shoulders

Hold for 10-12 breaths, switch sides

Life is the real beginning of the yoga spirit, yoga is everywhere! I hope this article can be of great help to you.

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