9 yoga shoulder open movements

I believe many people know the benefits of practicing yoga and opening their shoulders. It can not only help improve the tension in the shoulder and back area, and improve cervical pain but also make your posture more upright and improve your temperament!

Today, I will share 9 very classic yoga shoulder opening movements for everyone. It is suitable for any basic yoga person to practice every day. If you don’t know how to open your shoulders, try these 9 movements!

Action 1

Stand facing the wall with your legs about one leg away from the wall

Inhale, push the wall with both palms, and keep the core engaged

Lower chest and armpits for 10-12 breaths

Action 2

Or you can choose to bend the elbows with both hands

Palm and forearm close to the wall

thoracic axilla sinking

Stay for 10-12 breaths

Action 3

Enter on all fours, with the center of gravity on the left hand

Inhale, straighten your right hand up, twist your chest

Exhale, tighten the core, right hand through the left armpit

Place the right shoulder on the midline of the body, and bend the left elbow on the back

Hold for 10-12 breaths, switch sides

Action 4

Exit from the last move and enter the pug pose

Exhale, tighten your core, and bend your body forward

Keep your hands straightforward for 1 minute

Then bend your elbows back with your hands and hold for 1 minute

Action 5

Easy sitting position, ready to enter Bird King

Inhale, the right hand goes up and the left hand goes down, wrapping the forearm

Pay attention to the shoulders sinking and the ribs adducting

Stay for 10-12 breaths, switching hands

Action 6

Exit from the previous movement and enter the bull-noodle pose

Inhale, straighten your right hand up, then bend your elbow back

Exhale, bend the elbow with the left hand behind the back, interlock the fingers

Those who can’t pull the hand can use the stretching belt to assist

Hold for 10-12 breaths, switch sides

Action 7

Exit from the previous pose, bend the elbow back with the right hand

Inhale, put your left hand on the outside of your right arm and pull it back

Exhale, slowly bend the neck to the left side

Hold for 10-12 breaths, switch to the other side

Action 8

Lie on your stomach with your hands flat by your sides

Exhale, contract your core and turn your body sideways to the right

Press the right shoulder against the mat, and step on the back of the left foot

The left hand can be placed on the back

or interlock with the right hand

After 1-2 minutes, switch to the other side

Action 9

Exit from the previous movement and enter the shoulder exercise

Cross your hands and stretch them straight against your chest, and point your forehead on the ground

After staying for 1-2 minutes, switch left and right hands up and down

These 9 shoulder opening movements are recommended to be practiced once a day, and are also very beneficial to cervical spine health!

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