A delicious recipe for cabbage rolls

1. Material: cabbage, pork, corn, black fungus, white pepper, refined salt, soy sauce, corn starch, etc.

2. Pork mixed with corn kernels

3. Add chopped fungus and mix well

4. Add salt, pepper, cooking wine, and cornstarch and mix well

5. Mixed meat filling

6. Cabbage cut off the cabbage gang, take the cabbage leaves

7. After boiling water, add salt and oil and scald the cabbage leaves

8. Spread the cabbage leaves

9. Put the meat filling in the cabbage leaves and roll it up

10. Put the cabbage meatloaf on a plate

11. After boiling, add cabbage meat rolls and steam for 10 minutes

12. Put salt and water starch in the wok to boil, put a few drops of sesame oil, pour it on the steamed cabbage meat rolls, and sprinkle with a few wolfberries for decoration

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