Beauty instruments help women to be more beautiful

Beauty instruments play an increasingly important role in today’s beauty industry, with the rapid development of science and technology, people’s pursuit of beauty is no longer limited to the traditional way of skin care. Beauty instrument with its high-tech characteristics, become the modern beauty and skin care right-hand man. This article will delve into the types of beauty devices, how they work, how they are used, and the hot products on the market.

1. Types of beauty instruments

1.1 By function

Cleaning instrument: Through ultrasonic or vibration technology, deep pores, remove dirt and cuticle, such as face cleaning instrument.

Import and export instrument: Through micro-current or electromagnetic wave technology, promote the skin to absorb nutrients or eliminate waste.

Anti-aging instrument: Using RF, phototherapy and other technologies to enhance skin elasticity and slow down the aging process.

Cold and hot compress instrument: relieve skin discomfort and promote blood circulation through cold and hot technology.

1.2 By use

Facial beauty equipment: including cleaning, anti-aging, whitening and other facial care equipment.

Eye beauty instrument: Professional instrument designed for problems such as fine lines and dark circles around the eyes.

Body beauty instrument: mainly used for shaping, firming and other body care, such as slimming instrument.

2. How the beauty instrument works

2.1 Working principle of cleaning instrument

Ultrasonic cleaning instrument: The use of ultrasonic vibration, so that water molecules form a small foam, through the vibration of the pore dirt out.

Electric pore cleaner: By rotating the brush head, deeply clean the pores, exfoliating and removing dirt.

2.2 Working principle of anti-aging instrument

Radio frequency instrument: emit high frequency electromagnetic wave, stimulate collagen contraction, to achieve the effect of skin tightening.

Phototherapy beauty instrument: The use of red, blue and other light waves, promote cell vitality, improve skin problems.

2.3 Working principle of cold and hot compress instrument

Ice dressing device: Using ceramic heat sink, create cold feeling, relieve skin inflammation.

Hot compress beauty instrument: emit far infrared, promote blood circulation, improve skin absorption ability.

3. How to use beauty instrument

3.1 Use steps of cleaning instruments

Clean and dry your face.

Gently apply a moderate amount of cleansing lotion to your face.

Turn on the cleaning instrument, select the appropriate vibration intensity, and gently massage the whole face.

3.2 Use steps of anti-aging instrument

Clean your face and make sure there is no color

Makeup and grease.

Apply skin care products before using anti-aging equipment to improve the effect of introducing nutrients.

Turn on the anti-aging device, follow the instructions to select the appropriate mode and intensity, massage from the bottom up, from the inside out.

3.3 Steps for using cold and hot compress instrument

Choose cold or hot compress mode as needed.

Clean your skin before use and make sure you do not carry any cosmetics.

Gently massage or allow the temperature of the instrument to soothe or promote skin absorption.

4. Hot products in the market

4.1 Facial beauty equipment

Smart cleaner: Foreo Luna, for example, uses a soft silicone brush head with multi-level vibration force to clean deep into pores.

Rf tightener: NuFACE Trinity, for example, tightens skin by stimulating collagen with a micro-current.

4.2 Eye beauty equipment

Eye massager: Nurse Jamie Eyeonix, for example, has a micro-current massage function to relieve eye fatigue.

Eye introducer: ReFa CARAT RAY, for example, uses a small electric current to improve the absorption of eye cream.

4.3 Body beauty equipment

Weight loss massager: such as Clarisonic Smart Profile, which combines vibration and rotation functions to promote blood circulation in the body.

EMS muscle Trainer: Hip Trainer, like Tiktok Boom, stimulates muscles with electrical pulses to help shape them.

5. Next, let’s understand the precautions for using beauty instruments

1, the use of beauty instrument should pay attention to the cleaning of the beauty instrument, to prevent dirt through ultrasonic into the skin, be sure to clean the instrument in time.

2, each use of beauty instrument to 15-20 minutes, do not overuse, which will lead to overwork and skin malabsorption. Users can choose the right time according to the size of the treatment site.

3, pay attention to adjust the degree of heat of the instrument, ultra-high ultrasonic power output and low concentration of drugs do not use directly, otherwise it is easy to cause dry skin.

6. Conclusion

The development of beauty instruments is closely related to the progress of science and technology, and they provide modern people with more intelligent and more efficient beauty care solutions. However, when using beauty equipment, it is still necessary to choose the right product according to the individual skin type and needs, and follow the correct use method. At the intersection of technology and beauty, we discover more about the wonders of skin care. Let us meet a better future under the guidance of science and technology.

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