Black Sesame Pumpkin Pie

Material: pumpkin puree, black sesame filling, glutinous rice flour, white sesame, etc.

1. Pumpkin, glutinous rice flour, and black sesame filling are ready

2. Peel the pumpkin and cut it into small pieces, steam it in the pot for about 15 minutes, and mash the steamed pumpkin into pumpkin puree for later use

3. After the pumpkin puree has cooled down, pour in the glutinous rice flour. The amount of glutinous rice flour is determined by the water content of the pumpkin. Today, the water content of my pumpkin is not very large, so I put less glutinous rice flour. If the water content of the pumpkin is large, put more glutinous rice flour.

4. Knead the glutinous rice flour and pumpkin puree into a dough, not too hard but soft.

5. Divide the black sesame filling into 10g balls and prepare some white sesame seeds.

6. Take a piece of pumpkin dough, about 20 grams, wrap it in black sesame filling, and press it into a small round cake.

7. Coat both sides of the pumpkin pie with white sesame seeds.

8. Soft and sweet, very delicious

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