Bookshelf type and maintenance

Bookshelf is a necessary product for many people who love to learn. There are many materials of bookshelf, and the most common one is wooden. I myself have used many bookshelves in the process of my growth. This article will talk about what are the common types of bookshelves?

Wooden bookshelf

The wood looks fresh and soft, feels warm and delicate, and can be matched with a variety of home styles. Wooden bookshelves are generally divided into solid wood sawn wood, solid wood sheet, artificial sheet three categories, from the production process, the bending strength of these three kinds of wood: solid wood is the strongest, solid wood sheet is second, artificial sheet is weak.

Beautiful bookshelf

Metal bookshelf

The metal bookshelf is easy to disassemble and assemble, the laminate can be freely adjusted according to the size of the book, the gravity is strong, and it is not easy to deform. It has a strong sense of line and technology at home.

Box bookshelf

Box-style bookshelves are both flexible and functional, combining the storage function of closed bookshelves and the display ability of open bookshelves to easily adapt to different room layouts.

Partition bookshelf

The partition can not only be used as a bookshelf, but also make the space more open, meet the needs of lighting and ventilation, and visually appear more beautiful.

What are the common types of bookshelves introduced above? I mainly recommend 4 types of bookshelves, hoping to help you. The following will take you to understand how to maintain the bookshelf

1, if the weather is humid, the user can use the dehumidification stick or desiccant to treasure your favorite book and bookcase.

2, heavy weight, larger books, should be placed in the lower level of the bookcase as far as possible, to avoid its heavy volume to crush the bookcase partition, and “top-heavy” easily lead to the instability of the bookcase, if not careful hard collision, the bookcase is likely to tip over.

3, try to avoid bumping during transportation to prevent surface damage resulting in cabinet rust.

Big bookshelf

4. When placed, it should be handled gently, kept level, and kept at a certain distance from the wall.

5. The ground should be kept dry to prevent moisture and alkalization. Avoid contact with acid and alkali liquids to prevent cabinet from being corrupted.

6, the surface of the cabinet to keep clean. If the surface is not clean, please wipe it with detergent first, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

7, open and close the cabinet door and drawer gently to avoid violent impact. 8, do not use hard objects to hit the cabinet, do not use sharp items classified into the body surface.

The above is about the bookshelf knowledge sharing, mainly introduced 2 points, I hope to help you.

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