Delicious practice of cold lettuce

Prepare the ingredients:

1 lettuce, some peanuts, and some cooked sesame seeds.

Prepare the seasoning:

Salt, Pixian red oil bean paste, garlic paste, Yongchun balsamic vinegar, extremely fresh, white sugar, etc.

Operation process:

1. Peel the lettuce, and if there are any fine roots, they will also be peeled off, so that the taste will be more delicate;

2. Cut it into round blocks, about 2mm thick. If it is too thin, the water will soften and the crispy feeling will be lost.

3. Add a pinch of salt to the lettuce;

4. Stir well and let it stand for 10 minutes. The time should be controlled well. If the time is too short, the water cannot be squeezed out. If it is too long, the lettuce will taste and become salty;

5. In the process of 10 minutes, let’s fry peanuts;

6. The fried peanuts should be heated slowly, the fire does not leave the person, don’t be impatient, turn on the fire, and fry the peanuts, then all the previous efforts will be wasted;

7. After 10 minutes, there is a little water in the lettuce, pour out the water;

8. Add cool boiled water to wash, wash off the salt;

9. Filter the cleaned lettuce and drain as much as possible.

10. Add red oil bean paste, mashed garlic, balsamic vinegar, and extremely fresh and white sugar to the cleaned lettuce, stir well;

11. Add the cooked sesame seeds and peanuts and stir together.

12. The super refreshing cold lettuce is made. The taste is very crisp and tender, sweet and appetizing. It is served with a bowl of porridge to remove the recent anger.

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