Explore the types and options of women’s panties

Underwear, as one of the indispensable clothing in daily life, carries people’s pursuit of comfort, health and fashion. For women, the choice of underwear is more diverse and important, because it not only needs to meet the basic comfort and functional needs, but also takes into account the wearing needs of different occasions and personal preferences. In this article, we will explore the various types of women’s underwear and provide some advice to help women better choose the right underwear for them.

Common types of panties for women

Bikini panties

The bikini panty is the most common style, which has two triangular pieces of fabric that are joined together in a way that covers the buttocks and passes through the buttocks in a thin strip of cloth. This style is comfortable and simple for most everyday wear.


Thongs are similar to bikini briefs, but the fabric is narrower at the hips, usually with only a string or thin cloth connecting the sides. It is designed to make it difficult for the wearer to leave a mark when wearing tight pants or tight skirts, so it is often used in situations where seamless wear is required.

High-waisted underwear

High-waisted panties are designed to be relatively high at the waist and cover most or all of the area of the abdomen. This design can provide better abdominal support and can modify the waist curve to make the wearer look slimmer.

Boxer briefs

Boxers are designed to be comfortable, with the fabric at the waist and hips relatively loose, creating a smooth cross section that reduces tension when worn. This type of underwear is suitable for everyday wear, especially for people who need to sit for long periods of time.

Sheer tights

Pantyhose combines the functions of pantyhose and underwear and is usually made of thin, transparent fabric that covers the entire waist and buttocks and extends down the legs. It can not only provide a certain cover and decoration, but also make the wearer feel the softness and comfort of the stockings.

Shapewear underwear

Shapewear briefs are usually made of stretch material and are designed with reinforcement to effectively shape the waist, hips and thighs, making the wearer look slimmer while wearing tight clothing. However, wearing shapewear underwear for a long time may affect breathing and blood circulation, so it is not appropriate to over-rely on it.

How to choose the right underwear

Comfort first

Regardless of the type of underwear, comfort is the primary consideration. Choose underwear with soft, breathable fabrics, and avoid overly tight or loose designs to ensure comfortable wear throughout the day.

Dress for the occasion

Choose the right underwear for each occasion. For example, you can choose underwear with sweat absorption and breathable function during exercise, and you can choose seamless underwear for special occasions such as weddings or formal occasions.

Focus on health factors

The choice of underwear is also closely related to an individual’s health. For example, for people who are prone to mold infection, cotton underwear with good permeability should be selected and synthetic fiber materials should be avoided.

Paying attention to size matching

Make sure to choose the right size of underwear, too small size will lead to discomfort and scratches, and too large size will easily slip off, affecting comfort and wearing effect.

Personal preference

Finally, personal preference is also an important consideration when choosing underwear. Different people may have different preferences for styles, colors, patterns, etc., so personal aesthetic needs should be taken into account when choosing.

Then let’s understand the precautions of wearing underwear

Cleaning in time

Close-fitting clothing must develop a good habit of timely cleaning, generally every day to change. Because after a whole day of life, underwear will be contaminated with secretions and a small amount of feces, even if the naked eye does not look obvious, but there are still a lot of bacteria! And many people are used to saving underwear for days or even weeks to wash together, which is not a good habit. After a long time of accumulation, it is easier to breed bacteria, and it is difficult to clean.

Special small basin

Underwear should be distinguished from other clothing, it is best to prepare a special small basin for them, of course, can not be shared with the family. Wash your underwear by hand in a small tub every day to make sure your underwear is cleaner. Machine washing and other clothes is not a good option, but it is better to do it yourself.

Separate storage

Many girls wash their underwear directly with socks in a place, drying is also casually thrown in the closet, so that the effect of hard cleaning every day is discounted. We all know that socks are relatively dirty items, even if they are washed separately, but they are dried in a close contact, making the separation of cleaning less meaningful. After washing it, it is thrown directly in the closet, not only looking for trouble, but also in contact with all kinds of clothes, which is easy to be contaminated with dust and bacteria.

The correct way is, of course, to hang it separately on the hook to dry, and after drying, you can put it in the small box. If you don’t have a storage box, a small storage bag is fine. Or just hang it out and put it away when you need to wear it, and it’s good for ventilation.

Choosing cotton underwear

The first is the choice of underwear, and clothing, underwear not only need to look at the level of appearance, the material is also very important. It is recommended to choose pure cotton underwear, which is soft to touch, absorbs wet air, and has no harmful ingredients, and will not cause harm to the human body. Feel the touch when buying underwear, and find out the ingredients, some of the inferior materials of underwear will cause allergies or air permeability.


There are many types of women’s underwear, and each style has its own unique design and function. When choosing underwear, comfort, wearing occasions, health factors, size matching and personal preferences are all factors to consider. I hope this article can provide some help and reference for women in choosing the right underwear, so that they can feel comfortable and confident in their daily life, but also show fashion and personality.

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