Grilled sausage and duck in sauce are a favorite of many

Eating food is one of my hobbies, as a blogger I also like to explore the world’s food, and then let more people know, this article will bring you 2 of my favorite food.

1. Nicholas Tse’s homemade grilled sausage

This is the roast sausage made by a Chinese celebrity, the appearance level is very high, the ingredients are very clean, and the price is not expensive

2. Hangzhou, China famous duck with black sauce

The blogger grew up in the countryside when she was a child, her cousin is from Hangzhou, and she likes to bring black sauce duck back to my home every year. This black sauce duck tastes very good and the appearance level is also very high

These two dishes taste really good and are not available in many places, so I want to share them and let the world know.

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