Homemade Braised Chicken Feet

Ingredients and seasonings needed: chicken feet, ginger, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf, red pepper, salt, rock sugar, cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce

1. Production process:

2. I bought frozen chicken feet, which need to be thawed first, then cut off the nails, and then chopped in half.

3. Wash star anise, bay leaves, cinnamon, and red pepper for later use, cut ginger and garlic into slices.

4. Put the chopped chicken feet in a pot with cold water, and add cooking wine and ginger slices after boiling to remove the fishy smell. After skimming off the foam, take it out, rinse it off with clean water, and let it dry.

5. Put a small amount of rock sugar into the cold oil in a cold pan, and fry it slowly over low heat, the rock sugar will slowly melt and form small bubbles.

6. When you see large light brown bubbles appearing in the pot, quickly pour in the chicken feet and stir-fry, so that each chicken foot is evenly coated in color.

7. Add ginger, star anise, and red pepper seasoning and fry until fragrant, add cooking wine and salt, and add a little soy sauce and a spoonful of oyster sauce to taste.

8. After stirring well, add enough boiling water to submerge the chicken feet, add garlic and shallots, cover, and cook for half an hour over low heat.

9. Cook until the chicken feet are soft and rotten away from the bones. When the soup is slightly dry and sticky, you can turn off the heat and serve it on the plate! Sprinkle some cooked white sesame seeds for more fragrance.

10. These braised chicken feet are ready, it is fragrant, soft, and appetizing. The method is super simple. If you like it, try to make it!

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