Homemade Braised Pork with Taro

Required ingredients and seasonings: half a taro, half a catty of pork belly, ginger, garlic, chives, green and red peppers, salt, rock sugar, soy sauce, cooking wine, oyster sauce, pepper, bean paste, sesame oil

Production process:

1. When making any food, the selection of ingredients is very important. When choosing yam, choose taro that is well-proportioned, light in weight, and thin and white when cut. Such taro has less water content, soft texture, and a good powdery, glutinous taste.

2. After peeling the taro, cut it into diamond-shaped pieces as thick as you like. If your skin is prone to allergies, you can wear gloves to prevent red and itchy skin.

3. Sliced ​​pork belly for spare.

4. Put oil in the pot, heat it up, add the taro pieces, fry until the surface is golden brown, and set aside for later use. The surface of the fried taro has a hard shell, and it will not be too rotten when cooked again, and the shape is better.

5. Put the sliced ​​pork belly in the pan where the taro has been fried and stir-fry over low heat. After seeing the color of the meat, add ginger and fry until fragrant, then add a spoonful of bean paste.

6. Pour in the cooking wine, add some soy sauce, and sprinkle some pepper to taste. Then add the boiled water that has not covered the meat, put two rocks of sugar, and cook for ten minutes.

7. Pour in the fried taro pieces, bring to a boil over high heat, and simmer over low heat.

8. When the taro pieces are almost crispy and fragrant, add a few green and red pepper flakes and stir-fry until soft. Add a spoonful of sesame oil before serving to make the dish oily.

9. In fact, the soup doesn’t need to be dried up. Save some soup to eat with bibimbap. It’s delicious and delicious. It’s delicious! Sprinkle some chopped shallots to enhance the flavor, turn off the heat and serve it on a plate!

10. This taro braised pork meat is ready. It is soft, glutinous, and delicious. It melts in your mouth. It is not complicated at all, right? Just try it if you like it!

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