Homemade fried pork rind

Ingredients: appropriate amount of pork rind, ginger, star anise, shallot, cooking oil, light soy sauce, green and red pepper

Production process:

Step 1: First, use tweezers to pull out the remaining hairs on the meat skin one by one, and then use a knife to scrape the skin clean.

Step 2: Put the pig skin in a pot of cold water, add a few slices of ginger, cooking wine, and green onions to remove the fishy smell, and cook for a few minutes, don’t overcook it, just poke it with chopsticks, turn off the heat and take it out.

Step 3: Put the pig skin on the cutting board, and use a knife to peel off the white meat inside the skin, the cleaner the better.

Step 4: After cleaning the shaved meat skin again, place it in a sunny place, and dry it until the skin can be broken once it is broken.

The raw meat skin can also be dried directly, but the raw meat skin will drip oil during the drying process. Still, feel better on cooked skin and more fluffy when fried.

Step 5: Then start frying the pig skin, put the dry pig skin in the cold oil, and turn down the heat. As the oil temperature gradually rises, poke it with chopsticks, and the hard pork skin begins to soften slowly. Use chopsticks to keep flipping during the period to let it heat evenly.

Step 6: After a few minutes, the skin of the meat began to bubble, slowly swelled, and made a crackling sound. Seeing that the skin of the meat has increased in volume and is completely fluffy, take it out and drain the oil.

Step 7: The fried skin can be eaten directly as a snack, sprinkle with salt and pepper cumin powder, the taste is more fragrant. You can fry more at a time, store it in a bag with a fastened opening, and take it as you go.

Step 8: Before cooking, you need to soak the pork skin for six or seven hours in advance, then cut it into pieces, add green and red pepper flakes, stir fry it casually, and you can enjoy it beautifully!


  1. The hair and fat on the pig skin must be cleaned.
  2. The drier the cooked pork skin is, the more fluffy it will be.
  3. Be sure to put cold oil into the pig skin, and use a small fire throughout the process.
  4. When frying the pig skin, use two less at a time, because after the pig skin swells, it will not be deep-fried.
  5. Before the fried pork skin is cooked, the soaking time should not be too short.

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