How to buy women’s bags?

Women almost everyone has several bags, there are many brands of women’s bags, although starting from the brand is a good start, but how to choose the most suitable for their own bags, in addition to the eye, there are several options that can be implemented.

How to determine the minimum size of your bag?

After you’ve packed all your daily essentials, leave a little extra for emergencies.

How to match your body shape?

If you are petite, the bag on your back should not exceed your hips; If you have a tall body like a model, then the bag should be close to your waist line. It’s important to keep this in mind to make your outfit look modern.

The best shape for your bag

The shape of the bag will affect your overall proportion and beauty, if chosen correctly, it can greatly add points to your Look.

First rule – Choose a shape that complements your body type.

Pink women bag

If you’re tall and thin, look for a slouchy, soft bag with a wide silhouette. If you are curvy, then rectangular, trapezoidal bags are your good friends.

The best bag design for you

If you already have your own dress habits, then the choice of bags must also fit into your style – if you prefer a casual and relaxed match, then a formal style handbag is not suitable for your daily needs, perhaps only to take meetings.

When you choose a bag, think about whether it matches different colors of clothing and whether it is suitable for different occasions, such as going shopping, dating, commuting, and hanging out.

The best color for your bag

Black is the best color, black is the best color, black is the best color. You can carry a black bag in any season and in any situation, so you should have at least one black bag.

If you want more color options, start by looking at the easiest colors to match – metallic, green, smoky, and tawny. “Metallic” is the color suitable for all seasons, green is the most neutral and natural color, “smoky” and “tan” are new colors over time.

Black, navy, beige and red are suitable for formal occasions, pink and orange will be very pick clothes, white on the bag itself material and workmanship requirements are very high.

How to choose the material of the bag

A bag is something you use every day, so it’s simple – it has to be made to last. “Pure leather” is still the most respected choice, calfskin strong and stiff, lamb skin soft and delicate, no matter which kind of leather material, will produce a unique effect with the use of time.

From a seasonal point of view, the summer is rainy, suitable for waterproof materials, such as waxed calfskin, special artificial leather, waterproof canvas and so on.

From the perspective of wildlife protection, try not to choose crocodile skin, lizard skin and other wildlife materials restricted by the Washington Treaty, and may face control when entering and leaving different countries.

How can you improve the experience of your bag

“Buy the best made bag you can afford.”

The quality of the bag is the most important thing, buy the best made bag you can afford, can be used repeatedly, and accompany you to work all day.

“Avoid too much metal”

Metal can make a bag look Bling Bling eye-catching, but metal is also more prone to oxidation, and sometimes can scratch your rings and bracelets.

“Choose lightweight bags”

Your daily backpack time may be more than 1-2 hours, a light bag can always bring you a better mood, a good-looking shoulder bag will accidentally reach more than 1kg, that is to say, the bag itself is equivalent to two bottles of mineral water. It is recommended that you choose a bag with a weight of 700-800g.

“Remember”, you don’t choose the bag, but the bag chooses you, and carrying your bag happily is the most beautiful style of wearing.

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