How to choose the right eye cream?

Many women like to use eye cream, because it can make our eyes look brighter around the eyes and make our eyes look more lively. In short, using eye cream can make our eye skin healthier and younger, and is an indispensable step in our daily skin care. The core theme of this article is to take you to understand how to choose the right eye cream.

Choosing according to your own skin problems

Different eye creams have different effects, for example, some are good for fine lines and wrinkles, while others are good for eliminating dark circles and bags under the eyes. Therefore, first of all, choose the right eye cream according to your own skin problems.

Component of concern

Pay attention to the ingredients when choosing an eye cream, especially for people with sensitive skin. Some harsh ingredients may cause irritation or irritation of the eye skin. It is recommended to choose a mild eye cream and avoid using products that contain irritating ingredients such as alcohol, fragrances and colors.

The texture suits your needs

The texture of the eye cream is also very important. For people who are easy to get oil, choose a light eye cream is more appropriate; For people with dry skin, you can choose a more moisturizing eye cream.

Brand reputation

When buying eye cream, pay attention to brand credibility, and choose brands with high visibility and good reputation as much as possible to ensure product quality and safety.

Paying attention to shelf life

Eye creams are susceptible to bacteria and contamination, so pay attention to the shelf life and use time, and avoid using products that have expired or have been stored for too long.

The above mainly explains how to choose the right eye cream. Then let’s learn more about eye cream

Can eye cream cure crow’s feet, bags and dark circles?

Many people choose to use eye cream because of the first fine lines that appear around the corners of their eyes, or because of puffy eyelids, visible dark circles or bags under their eyes. But for people with wrinkles, the more important role of eye cream is to prevent the rapid aging of the eyes. Because as the years go by, people’s skin is constantly aging, and wrinkles are constantly forming, choose to use a good eye cream, you can delay aging. So the best time to use an eye cream is before wrinkles, bags and dark circles develop, so that they can be prevented before they happen!

Only use eye cream at night before going to bed?

Do you only use eye care products at night when you sleep? That’s not right! Some girls do not use eye care products in the morning, partly because of laziness and partly because they really do not realize the importance of using eye care products in the morning. Eye care products are used in the same way as facial care products, and should be used in the morning and in the morning, not when you think about it.

Should you start using eye cream after age 25?

For most office women, work is almost a moment without the computer, hard-won leisure time is also occupied by mobile phones and tablets, coupled with long hours in the heated room and air-conditioned room, how can this life not make the eye muscles feel tired. You don’t even have to wait until you’re 25 for your eye wrinkles to meet you. Since the eyes are also a very easy place to show age, you should start using eye cream between the ages of 18 and 25.

Why focus on eye care?

1. There is no detox channel in the eye

The skin of the eye has almost no sebaceous glands and sweat glands, almost no oil and sweat, and lacks the protection of natural sebum film, so it is easy to dry and lack water, easy to wrinkle and accumulate pigment.

2. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin

The skin thickness of the eye is only about one third of the facial skin, and correspondingly, the capillaries and lymphatic vessels in the skin of the eye are also particularly weak, so it is easy to cause the deterioration of the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation in the eye, and the circulation is very easy to appear dark circles and bags under the eyes.

3. Large amount of eye movement

Blinking tens of thousands of times a day can easily lead to accelerated aging of the eye skin. Scientists have verified that the age of the skin around the eyes is 8 years earlier than that of other parts of the skin, so normal skin begins to age rapidly at 25 years old, and the skin around the eyes generally begins to age at 18 years old.

This article mainly shares how to choose the right eye cream? I also added a lot of knowledge about eye creams, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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