How to choose yoga clothes for beginners?

There are too many yoga clothes on the market now, and the price is still high and low, but I adhere to the concept of “you get what you get for every penny”, and what kind of price you buy has what kind of quality. In fact, I think the most important thing in choosing yoga clothes is to choose according to your own needs, not what others say. The following is a summary of the main points of my selection of yoga clothes.

1. The fabric should be comfortable and breathable

Because practicing yoga, the body will sweat a lot, if your yoga clothes are very stuffy, that taste is wonderful. It is recommended not to choose pure cotton and cotton linen. Because cotton and linen are breathable but have no shrinkage, this is not very suitable for yoga! It is recommended to choose “spandex” fabrics and Lycra, which generally have better air permeability and faster moisture absorption, so choose yoga When wearing clothes, you can look at their fabric composition and make a choice.

2. The design should be close-fitting

It is generally not recommended that you choose loose yoga clothes when practicing yoga, because loose clothes are really inconvenient. As long as you have taken a class, you will know that this feeling is so uncomfortable. While loose yoga clothes are fine for your recumbent and backbend poses, think about what would happen if you were to do handstands and other anti-gravity poses

And yoga pants are not recommended to choose loose, it is best to choose the one that sculpts your body. Because professional yoga pants can make it easier to see the lines, states, and trends of muscles. Professional yoga pants are designed in combination with the movement stretch of yoga itself. more effective training. Wear pants that are too loose, and you won’t be able to tell if your knees are hyperextended or your calf muscles are spinning in line. And this is very bad for you who practice

3. Clothing design should be concise

Just choose a simple and elegant version of the clothes. Now many merchants add a lot of fancy things to the design of clothes in order to win purchases and attention, so that the clothes will look better! But I suggest you really don’t choose this one, because you want to practice yoga Do it yourself in a relaxed environment, without too many external factors to affect, if your clothes are slamming on your waist or somewhere, then you must be in an uncomfortable state when doing asanas. This is really true. Try it and you’ll know. The selection of yoga clothes should be based on the ability to stretch the limbs freely and the whole body does not feel restrained.

4. Try to choose according to the principle of short-sleeved trousers

Because we go from warm-up to asana training, this also takes a little time. So if we wear short sleeves or vests, then there may be some people who are prone to colds. Then short-sleeved trousers, which can meet your cooling needs, but will not cause a burden on the body. Really don’t be greedy for a while and do something that is harmful to your body.

As for the color, in fact, I don’t think there are too many rigid requirements. This one is really selected according to your own preferences. These are some of my suggestions for choosing yoga clothes, I hope they can help you!

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