How to make cucumber

1. Wash the cucumber, take two chopsticks, put the cucumber on it, and cut it at a 45-degree angle to a uniform thickness, do not cut it, then turn the cucumber over and cut it with a straight knife.

2. Put it in a small basin, put a little salt, let it stand for fifteen minutes, and kill the water.

3.It should be like this.

4. Minced garlic ginger shredded millet spicy ready.

5. Put balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, and chicken essence in a small bowl.

6. Squeeze the water out of the cucumber, put it in a container, and put the millet, spicy ginger, and minced garlic on top.

7. Pour the juice into the bowl.

8. Put a little oil and pepper in the pot, fry on low heat until fragrant, turn to high heat, smoke slightly, and pour it on the cucumber while it is still hot.

9. Finished product

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