How to remove nail polish easily?

Many beautiful girls in addition to makeup, will also decorate their nails, beautiful nails can make people look more fashionable and charming, but if you want to change other colors of nail polish, remove nail polish is also a very troublesome thing, if water cleaning is generally useless, then how to clean can wash off nail polish? This article will tell you the answer.

Use white vinegar

White vinegar can also help wash off nail polish, vinegar is an acidic substance, but also a versatile cleaner, using white vinegar to wash nail polish can achieve the effect of corrosion and dissolution, which can also wash off nail polish.

Use makeup remover oil

Nail polish can also be cleaned with makeup remover oil, because the makeup remover oil contains emulsifiers, emulsifiers can be mixed with nail polish, emulsifying nail polish, and finally can achieve the effect of removing nail polish.

Use alcohol

Nail polish can be removed with alcohol, because nail polish is a fat-soluble substance, and alcohol contains ether, ethanol can dissolve nail polish, so alcohol can help wash off nail polish.

Use nail polish remover

Nail polish can be washed with nail polish remover. The volatile organic solvents in nail polish remover can help dissolve and remove nail polish.

4 bottles of nail polish in different colors

Use cookies and toothpaste

Baking soda is a very effective natural cleaner, and toothpaste cleaning power is also very strong, use baking soda and toothpaste mixed on the surface of the nail polish, and use a cotton cloth to scrub the nail polish, you can achieve the effect of nail polish off.

In fact, there are many ways to wash off nail polish, such as lemon juice, perfume, dish soap, etc., can wash off nail polish, but the fastest way is to use nail polish remover, nail polish remover has a strong ability to remove, in addition to washing off nail polish, for some super glue, you can also use nail polish remover to clean, generally use nail polish washing gel, there will be no trace.

How to choose nail polish?

Texture selection

In addition to color, texture is also an important factor in choosing nail polish. There are matte, pearlescent, transparent, metallic texture and other textures to choose from. Matte nail polish gives an understated, stylish feel, suitable for formal occasions; Pearlescent nail polish is shinier and perfect for parties or special occasions.

Color selection

The color of nail polish is the most intuitive feature, and different colors will give people different feelings. For people with paler skin, light pink, lavender or light blue are good choices to make nails appear whiter. For people with darker skin, bright colors such as bright yellow, pink or bright red will stand out and show personality and confidence.

Durability and brand choice

The durability of nail polish is also a factor to consider. Quality nail polish will last longer, reducing smudging and flaking. In addition, choose a well-known brand of nail polish, can provide better color, texture and safety.

Many girls like to use nail polish, but there is not much in-depth understanding of nail polish knowledge, then this article can help you better understand this product nail polish, be sure to read it carefully.

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