How to remove the smell of mutton?

Mutton is rich in nutrition, more ways to eat, by many people like. This article will take us to understand how to remove the smell of mutton.

White vinegar to remove the smell

There are many functions of white vinegar, both hair, whitening, can also be appetizing, that we can use it today to smell, have to say that white vinegar is a good thing, the method of white vinegar to smell is very simple, cut the mutton into the size you want, pour water in the pot, pour the white vinegar and mutton together, the amount is one pound of mutton, 200 grams of white vinegar, a liter of water, After boiling the fire and cooking for ten minutes can not be, this time the smell of mutton has almost no smell, white vinegar is still very useful.

White radish to remove fishy smell

White radish is often eaten vegetables, usually used to stew with ribs, the taste is very delicious, as well as anti-inflammatory cough, detoxification anti-cancer effect, and white radish in removing the smell also has a very good effect, the specific method is to wash the white radish, tie a few holes in the radish body, the same mutton cut into the size you want, in the pot and mutton cooked together, Boil the water and remove the mutton to remove the fishy taste.

The orange peel has lost its fishy smell

Orange is often eaten fruit, sweet and sour fresh, orange peel used to remove the smell is in the good, put a few orange peel into the pot, put the mutton into the boil together, the orange peel out and throw away, and put a few orange peel into the boil, this can also effectively remove the smell.

Cooking wine to fish

After rinsing the raw mutton with water several times, cut it into small pieces or silk, put it into a clean basin, pour an appropriate amount of cooking wine, a small amount of baking soda, white sugar, edible salt, MSG, and then pour an appropriate amount of water to stir evenly, you can wear gloves, directly use your hands to stir, so that the mutton more fully absorb the seasoning, after 30 minutes, the smell will be much less. Cooking wine and baking soda have a good effect on removing the fishy smell. How to remove the smell of mutton? Three simple, quick, no-smell tips.

Soaking to remove smell

The mutton is soaked in cold water for 2 to 3 days, and the water is changed twice a day to leach the ammonia substances in the mutton sarcoplasmic protein, which can effectively reduce the odor of the mutton.

Mung bean to shan

When cooking mutton, adding a few mung beans can remove or reduce the odor of mutton. You can also wrap the mung beans with gauze and put them into the soup to prevent the mung beans from boiling and affecting the taste.

Coriander to mutton

Coriander contains many volatile oils, and its special aroma is emitted by volatile oils, which can be cooked with mutton to neutralize the smell of mutton.

The above is about how to remove the smell of mutton? I hope this article is helpful to you.

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