How to take cosmetic contact lenses easily and quickly?

Cosmetic contact lenses are a product that many women love very much. Usually, many women do not know much about cosmetic contact lenses. This article is about how to take cosmetic contact lenses easily and quickly.

1. Clean your hands

Before you begin, wash your hands with soap and warm water to make sure they are clean and hygienic.

2. Find the right location

Choose a bright, clean mirror, and make sure there is enough light to see your eyes and contact lenses clearly.

3. Relax your eye muscles

Close your eyes and let them rest for a moment to relax your eye muscles. This helps reduce eye tension and discomfort.

4. Keep your chin parallel

Keep your chin parallel and avoid looking up or down to make sure your eyes are in a comfortable position.

5. Use your fingertips

Using clean fingertips, gently pull the skin above the eyelid to expose the edges of the contact lenses.

6. Slowly and gently remove

Using your thumb and forefinger, gently pinch the edge of the contact lenses, then slowly and gently lift them away from your eye. Avoid forcibly or suddenly removing the contact lenses to avoid causing discomfort or eye injury.

7. Clean and store

After removing the contact lenses, place them in a clean contact case and clean and disinfect them with the appropriate contact lens cleaning solution.

The above mainly introduces how to take the contact lenses easily and quickly. Next, let’s understand how much time to take the contact lenses a day at most.

Contact lenses should not be worn for too long

1. Contact lenses are worn for a maximum of 8 hours: too long a time will cause eye fatigue and damage eye health.

2. Wear contacts during the day and remove them at night: Wear them during the day and take them out before going to bed at night. The shorter the time, the better.

3. Minors should not wear: minors wear the cornea.

4. Contact lenses should be cleaned: it is recommended to clean contact lenses and hands, and regularly clean and care for contact lenses to avoid bacterial infection, keratitis and other symptoms.

Finally, take you to understand the precautions of using cosmetic contacts

1, before wearing cosmetic contacts need to distinguish the front and back, if wearing reverse will feel eye discomfort, but also damage the eyeball caused by red eye situation.

2, each time before wearing the contact lenses experience, if you find uncomfortable or not clear need to remove the lens immediately, check the reason.

3, can not often use colored lenses, some cheaper lenses may affect the oxygen permeability of the lens, smoothness, may cause eye edema, hypoxia and red eyes and other discomfort.

4, beauty lenses wear for a long time will cause pupil aperture and glare, light and dark contraction during the day and night, and the lens center aperture is fixed at night the pupil will be enlarged, which will affect vision, especially when driving.

5. When wearing cosmetic contacts, if your eyes are dry, please drop contact lens moisturizing solution in time, and pay attention not to drop eye drops to treat eye diseases.

6, girls wear contact lenses but also make up to follow the principle of wearing a mirror first, after makeup, first take a mirror, after removing makeup.

Wear contact lenses need to be gradual, not too anxious to avoid eye infection, after mastering without a mirror can also be worn at will. Usually, we can also take a look at the relevant knowledge about the contact lenses, which can help us buy more suitable contact lenses products, and have more knowledge about how to protect their eyes.

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