Knowledge of 3 big dressers

The love of beauty is a woman’s nature, for women, the home must be accompanied by a dresser. In feng shui, the dresser is an important part of home decoration, and the correct placement will make us energetic. This article will take us to learn more about the dresser knowledge, let’s take a look.

How to place the bedroom dresser correctly?

Consider nightstand relationships

The dresser can be integrated with the bedside table, and the direction of the bed is parallel to the bed, which is easy to form a coordinated and balanced geomantic magnetic field.

Consider the kitchen cabinet relationship

The dresser can be integrated with the kitchen cabinet, the countertop can be an extension of the cabinet, which is a good way to save space, or you can choose to sandwiched between the cabinets.

Placement taboo

Dresser placement is very particular, do not point the dresser at the door of the home, whether it is the door, the door or the bathroom door, because the door is the “gas flow of the air”, the door is easy to drive good luck out of the room and incur bad luck; Do not point the dresser at the head of the bed, because the light refracted by the shadow will affect sleep.

Consider room

The dresser is called a place of wealth, so the bedroom dresser must be placed in our own bedroom, and pay attention to the configuration of the dresser is the best stool, mirror, drawer, etc., weekdays also to do the dresser is personal use, not public.

Luminance consideration

The dresser is generally best placed in a place with sufficient light, which is more conducive to dressing and dressing yourself, and Yang will be relatively heavy.

The above mainly introduces how to place the dresser, and then to understand the material of the dresser?


The mahogany dresser is available in freestanding and combined styles. The independent type is to set up the dresser separately, which is more flexible and casual, and the decorative effect is more prominent. The combined type is the combination of the dresser and other furniture, which is suitable for small families with little space. Mahogany on a dresser has a back-to-basics feel. A beautiful dresser, always make people both physically and mentally happy, it can not only enhance the mood of the room, but also deepen the hostess’s perception of a better life.

Board wood combined with material

Although the combination of board and wood dresser looks like pure solid wood on the surface, it is actually made of wood-based board and solid wood, such a dresser in use for a period of time, there will be obvious shaking, because the artificial nail holding force is not strong solid wood nail holding force. Although the dresser made of board and wood is not as strong as the dresser made of solid wood, it also has certain highlights from the appearance, after all, it is artificial and has a certain sense of design.

Made of solid wood

We often see in the furniture market are basically pure solid wood dressers, its biggest feature is strong and very durable, and the use of life is relatively long, there is a more prominent advantage is more environmental protection. In fact, solid wood dressing table is the best choice for bedroom dressing table, natural solid wood health and environmental protection, and different solid wood materials have different functions, are good for people’s health.

Many people have used dressers, but the knowledge of this area is very vague, so this article wants to share the knowledge of this area. Finally, let’s understand how to maintain the dresser?

1, if the dresser is placed next to the window, it is easy to accumulate dirt, cleaning, should be careful not to use harsh cleaning agents, should use salt water to clean.

2, every 3 months should be cleaned once the dresser, cleaning is best to use a soft wet towel wipe or wipe with old newspaper, do not wash directly with water, so easy to make the dresser damp mildew.

3, daily do not pay attention to, put the hot tea cup on the dresser, the impression will remain on it, clean the impression can be wiped with a cloth with strong tea or wipe with toilet water.

4, the tin foil in the cigarette can also be used to clean the dresser, before use, wipe the dresser with a dry cloth, and then wipe with tin foil.

5, the dresser discoloration or paint, you can wax, so that the surface looks updated, you can also use pigments to smear the decolorization position, restore the original appearance of the dresser.

6, the dressing table put hard objects may touch the glass mirror, usually should pay attention to, try not to put hard objects on it.

The above is about the dresser knowledge to share, I hope to help you.

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