Nail Seasonal Trends that you need to know

Nail art can be said to be an indispensable part of women, it can reflect a woman’s taste and charm. However, for many women, not knowing when is the most appropriate time to apply nail art can lead to aesthetic problems. Next, this article will answer the question of the keyword “When is the best time to apply nail art” from the perspective of the analysis of the trend of the four seasons.

Spring nail art trends

Spring is the season when everything comes back to life, when the temperature rises and plants sprout. Some fresh and bright colors are appropriate at this time. For example, light pink, light blue, light green and other colors are very suitable for spring, they can not only cater to the atmosphere of spring, but also highlight the feminine characteristics

Summer nail art trends

Summer as a summer season, high temperature, the air is relatively dry. Therefore, in this season, it is recommended to choose some refreshing colors. Colors such as pale yellow, mint green, and purple are great for summer, not only to help ease the heat, but also to make you more fashionable this season.

Fall nail art trends

Autumn is a cool season, the leaves gradually become golden and red. In this season, it is recommended to choose some low-key and elegant colors to paint your nails. For example, gray, earth color and other colors are very suitable for autumn, they not only have a sense of luxury and rustic, but also can easily control a variety of autumn collocation.

Winter nail art trends

Winter is a snowy season with cold and dry air. Therefore, in this season, it is recommended to choose some calm and heavy colors to paint nails. For example, black, dark gray, dark red and other colors are very suitable for winter, they not only help to resist the cold, but also can bring a typical urban femininity.

It can be seen that the color of nail art used in different seasons is different, and the most suitable color should be selected according to the atmosphere of the season. This not only helps to highlight women’s fashion taste, but also highlights the charm of personality. Of course, in addition to seasonal factors, it is also necessary to take into account multiple elements such as individual skin type, body shape and age in order to paint a more suitable nail art. I hope this article has inspired you and that every woman can have a perfect manicure.

Top 10 ways to make your nails last longer

1. Do your homework

Before applying primer, scrub the nail bed with some white vinegar on a cotton swab. This will remove all nail polish residue and natural oil stains from the nail bed. Then when the nail bed is 1000, you can apply the primer.

2. Nails must be primed

Before applying nail polish, be sure to apply a protective primer to the surface of your nails. On the one hand, it protects your nails, and on the other hand, it makes nail polish last longer.

3. Don’t wave the nail polish bottle

Many times, in order to make the nail polish evenly applied, everyone will have the habit of shaking the nail polish bottle, but then it is best to rub in the hand so that there will be no bubbles. dynamic

4. Wear thin nail polish

When applying nail polish, avoid applying too much too thick, once the nail oil dries too slowly, the solvent inside is not easy to quickly volatilize, which will make its patchy not smooth enough. If you don’t think the nail polish is saturated with color, you can apply several layers, but make sure each layer is thin enough to achieve a gorgeous color.

5. Apply quick-drying sheen to the outside

After painting your nails, don’t forget to apply a top coat to the outside. This protective oil can extend the life of the nail polish on your fingers. If you don’t have a special quick drying oil, you can also use a primer as a protective oil.

6. Allow adequate drying time

Before doing anything else, be sure to let your nails have a good 45-minute dry time, and once the dry time is up, soak them in cold water and cool them properly until they are completely dry. And don’t blow dry with your mouth. Be sure to let well-oiled nails air dry, do not use lips to dry, or use hot air, dry, etc. Naturally dried nail polish is the brightest

7. Apply a light coat of oil every few days

For a few days after a manicure, adding a layer of quickshine oil can brighten it up without softening it and give it a fresh look. If possible, apply a top coat every 3 days for the rest of the day.

8. Add glitter nail polish to the root of nail polish

If your nails have grown out, but you don’t have time for a new manicure, try this: Add glitter to the base of your nails for a new look!

9. There’s a way to get fingernail polish off

If you get a nail polish off the tip of your finger, simply rub it off, round it off, or simply cut off some nails, and then apply a layer of polish

10 local shedding is not as creative as DIY manicure

In fact, when nail polish comes off and the color becomes dull, instead of washing off the mottled nail, it is more fun to create some playful and cute patterns. Take the DIY metallic polka dot manicure: Use a few drops of silver or gold nail polish to apply a DIY irregular pattern to the empty parts of the manicure.

The above is about nail related knowledge to share, I hope it can help you, just read it carefully.

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