Pea Breakfast Cake

Required ingredients and seasonings: peas, carrots, eggs, shallots, flour, black sesame seeds, salt

Production process:

1. peel the pea pods and wash them; only a small half of the carrot is enough, wash it and cut it into pieces for later use.

2. Whisk an egg into the pea rice.

3. Put the same amount of flour as peas in the basin, add a spoonful of salt, add water in small amounts and several times, stir with chopsticks while adding, and stir into a slightly dry batter.

4. Pour all the pea rice and carrots into the batter, and add some chopped shallots to make it more fragrant.

5. Use chopsticks to mix evenly, and it will be a batter that is not dry or thin.

6. After the electric baking pan is preheated, first brush a layer of oil, pour in the batter, spread it out with a spoon, and then sprinkle with black sesame seeds to enhance the fragrance.

7. Cover and fry for 4 minutes, then flip over and fry for 1 minute. You can extend the frying time if you want a more charred flavor.

8. The crispy and tender pea cake is ready. It is crispy and delicious, and it is full of nutrition. It is the most suitable for breakfast. It’s also very simple, just stir it up, and it’s delicious and delicious. It’s very enjoyable. Now is the season when peas are on the market in large quantities, and you can make them yourself if you like!

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