Post-nail care tips

Some nail products contain volatile solvents, such as alcohol and formaldehyde, which can deprive healthy nails of important nutrients. Take a look at this post manicure care tips, I believe you will like it.

Timely tepid soaking

If our nails are too thick to trim, soak them in warm water with a pinch of salt for five to ten minutes until they are soft.

Get plenty of nutrition

Nails are made up of cuticle, which is mainly made up of protein and calcium, so foods rich in these two substances are essential for healthy glowing nails. Other nutrients include zinc, potassium and iron, as well as vitamins A and B.

Massage oil protection

Massage with a little olive oil or moisturizer to moisturize and soften your nails. Before applying nail polish, it is best to apply nail protectant to prevent nail polish pigmentation.

Best nail for you

Apply hand cream

Vaseline has a high moisture content and is a very good hand and nail product. Before going to bed at night, apply appropriate amount to your fingers and nails, massage around the nails, promote blood circulation, provide more nutrients for the nails, and make the nails naturally shiny.

Vinegar is good for fingers

Drink a little fruit vinegar every day to prevent nail damage, enhance calcium absorption, and make nails hard and shiny. If fruit vinegar is not available, drinking a glass of water with vinegar or adding a little vinegar to soup before meals is of great benefit to the health of nails.

Use nail products with caution

Some nail products contain volatile solvents, such as alcohol and formaldehyde, which can deprive healthy nails of important nutrients, so be careful to choose nail polish and nail polish remover, preferably without acetone, as acetone can leave a white mist on the nails and can make them brittle.

Don’t get manicures very often

The top layer of the nail has a substance that acts like enamel on the top layer of the tooth, protecting it from erosion. When you file away the top layer of your nail, it loses its protective layer and becomes resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. This is why regular manicures can cause your nails to turn yellow or black.

Massage nail surface

Massaging the nail surface promotes blood flow around the nail, which helps nail growth. When massaging, apply hand cream to your hands and apply nail polish or finger oil to your nails. Of course, you must develop the habit of rubbing the hand cream immediately after absorption, and your nails should also be rubbed.

The above mainly introduces the maintenance tips after nail art, and then write the precautions when writing nail art

Apply nail varnish before applying nail polish

The paint in nail polish is damaging to nails, making them yellow and brittle. The culprit, so before applying your beloved beautiful nail polish, do not neglect to apply nail primer. It can protect the nail surface from being directly damaged by the pigment, if you like to change the color of the nail every day, the primer is definitely not ignored.

Leaving your manicure ungreased leaves it vulnerable

Face oil can protect the surface of nail polish, so that the pattern and pattern on the top of the nail is not too fragile, if you do not want to let the hard-painted masterpiece is scratched or damaged, nail oil is the protective suit of nail polish.

Dark nail polish is best for short nails

Women with short nails might want to give up on dark nail polish. Dark color has a visual contraction effect, which will only make the originally short nails shorter, and a little nail as big as a red bean will only make the fingers appear short.

Keep the colors coordinated

Keeping the same color on your hands and feet gives the impression of elegance and detail.

Don’t underestimate manicure tools

Never underestimate a manicure tool, it can trim the shape of your nails, make them smooth, and set the foundation for applying a beautiful nail polish.

Many women like nail art, but they do not have a deep understanding of nail art. This article can help women better understand nail art and wear nail art more healthily in life.

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