Proper use of facial cleanser

Almost every woman will have a bottle of essential facial cleanser, almost every woman uses, but not every woman knows the correct use of facial cleanser, blind use of facial cleanser, not only waste, but also can not achieve the desired effect oh. This article will take you through the proper use of facial cleanser.

Wet your face with warm water

The water temperature you use to wash your face is very important. Some people want to save trouble, directly wash their face with cold water; Some people think that they are oily skin, to use very hot water to wash the grease on the face. In fact, these are wrong views, the correct way is to use warm water. This will ensure that the pores are fully opened without excessive loss of the skin’s natural moisturizing oil.

Lather the cleanser thoroughly

No matter what kind of facial cleanser is used, the amount should not be too much, and the area can be the size of a coin. Before applying to the face, be sure to fully lather the facial cleanser in the palm first, forget this step most people, and this step is the most important step. Because, if the facial cleanser is not fully foaming, not only can not achieve the cleaning effect, but also will remain in the pores to cause acne. Of course, the more foam the better, and you can use some tools that make it easy to lather your cleanser.

Waiting gently for 15 minutes

After applying the foam to the face, gently circle **, not too hard to avoid wrinkles. About **15 strokes, let the foam spread all over the face.

Washing the cleanser

After using the cleanser, it’s ready to wash. Some women are afraid of washing is not clean, with a towel to scrub hard, so that the delicate skin is very bad. The cleanser should be gently pressed on the face with a damp towel and removed after several repetitions without damaging the skin.

Inspection and cleaning

After washing, you may think that the process of washing your face has been completed, but it is not. Also check in the mirror to see if there is any residual facial cleanser around the hairline, this step is also often overlooked. Some women are always prone to acne around the hairline, in fact, because they ignore this step.

Rinse 20 times with cold water

Finally, wash your face about 20 times with cold water in both hands, while gently applying a towel dipped in cold water to your face. Doing so tightens the pores and improves blood circulation in the face. This is the completion of the whole process of washing your face.

The above mainly introduces the correct use of facial cleanser, and then together to understand when to use facial cleanser when to use facial cleanser how often is better

When is the best time to use facial cleanser

In the morning and before I go to bed at night

It is generally recommended to use a facial cleanser to clean the face after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night. After getting up in the morning, after a night’s sleep, people’s skin will secrete a certain amount of protective oil or sweat, and the skin care products applied the previous night are also easy to be oxidized by the air to form dirt, so it is necessary to clean with facial cleanser.

Before going to bed at night, people’s facial skin has experienced a day of dust and dirt, so it is also recommended to use a facial cleanser to clean the face.

How often should you use the cleanser

It varies from person to person

If it is sensitive skin, then it is recommended to use facial cleanser twice a week is almost enough, because sensitive skin is a highly intolerant skin state, and it is easy to sting, itching, tightness and other uncomfortable skin states after receiving various external stimuli, so the frequency of use should not be too high.

If it is medium and dry skin, it is recommended to use it once a day at night, and if it is oily skin, it is more reasonable to use a cleanser in the morning and evening.

How long should you wash the cleanser at a time

It is recommended to wash for one minute.

When cleaning the face with facial cleanser, it is generally recommended to clean the face for about one minute, the time of washing the face is not the longer the better, if the cleaning time is too long, the dirt and sweat washed out are easy to re-enter the pores and cause blockage, so it is not recommended to more than one minute.

If the facial cleanser stays on the face for too short a time, it is easy to make the pores too late to fully open, thereby reducing the effect of the facial cleanser, so it is best to wash for about one minute.

Finally, take you to understand what precautions to use facial cleanser

1. A facial cleanser that suits you

It is very important to choose the right facial cleanser for yourself, different skin types need different facial cleansers, so choose the corresponding facial cleanser according to your skin type.

2. Ingredients of facial cleanser

The composition of facial cleanser is also very important, should try to choose more natural ingredients of facial cleanser, avoid the use of more chemical ingredients of facial cleanser.

3. Frequency of use of facial cleanser

Facial cleanser can not be used every day, otherwise it will destroy the balance of sebum membrane, resulting in dry face, sensitive and other problems. In general, it is recommended to use a facial cleanser once a day.

4. The quality of facial cleanser

The quality of facial cleanser is very important, the use of poor quality facial cleanser may lead to skin allergies and other problems, so be sure to choose a reliable brand when choosing facial cleanser.

The above is about the correct use of facial cleanser introduction and other related knowledge to share, I hope this article can be helpful to you.

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