Should yoga clothes be loose or tight?

Yoga exercise is becoming more and more popular, especially in the past two years, it is inconvenient to go out. Yoga is a good choice for home exercise. Many people may have watched videos or pictures about yoga and found that there are different types of yoga clothes. Some yoga clothes are very close-fitting, and some are looser styles. So what kind of yoga clothes should we choose?

Loose yoga clothes are generally influenced by Indian culture. This kind of yoga clothes is very comfortable to wear and does not feel tight. It is more suitable for practicing yoga asanas that are not intense and focus on nourishing the mind, such as traditional Hatha and yin yoga. But the disadvantage of this kind of yoga clothes is that when you do some inverted postures, such as downward dog and shoulder stand, the clothes may block your vision.

Then tight yoga clothes can be worn when practicing power yoga, hot yoga, core yoga, and beer yoga. This kind of cool yoga is strong, can lose weight, can build muscle lines, and is very cool. If you choose loose yoga clothes, it is obvious Not quite right. Tight yoga clothes can show off your figure, show your muscles, and quickly dry and wick away sweat. When doing high-intensity yoga exercises, you can reduce the possibility of sweating and catching a cold.

So our principle of choosing yoga clothes is to see what type of yoga we do and then choose the right yoga clothes. If you practice yoga only to stretch and relax your body, and you don’t want to do asanas that are too intense, then it’s completely okay to choose looser clothes to practice. They are very large, so it is best to choose clothes that are tighter.

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