Spicy stinky tofu recipe

Material: old tofu, spring onion, chili pepper, garlic, peanut oil, salt, sugar, cumin powder, etc.

1. Prepare all the ingredients, be sure to use old tofu to have a bit of a bite

2. Minced garlic, put in a bowl with shrimp paste, salt, and sugar

3. Add cold water and mix well

4. Cut the old tofu into rectangular pieces, pour the shrimp paste and garlic juice into it, and soak for 4 hours

5. Strained soaked tofu to remove juice

6. Heat up a non-stick pan, heat the oil for a while, and put the tofu cubes in the pan

7. Fry the tofu on both sides until golden brown on medium heat

8. Sprinkle cumin powder on the tofu

9. Then add chopped chili peppers and shallots and serve

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