Steamed rice with spare ribs and bacon, a Chinese favorite

The blogger herself after graduation from university in Shenzhen, China for many years, after their own business, food channel is I do, hope to create more quality content, today mainly write steamed rice with pork ribs, this food is I love to eat in Shenzhen, China, the price is not expensive, but this dish appearance level is high, eat endless aftertaste, today together to explore the practice of this dish.

1. How to do preserved pork rib rice? First of all, prepare raw materials: 250g rice, 2 green vegetables, sausage, a small row, 10 dried shiitake mushrooms, an appropriate amount of cured meat, ginger garlic soy sauce white sugar dried pepper

2, sausage with some water, soaked soft, cut into pieces

3, ribs with open water, to go under the smell

4, cut the right amount of bacon to increase the flavor.

5, cold pan into the oil and add sugar, saute sugar color. Add the ribs, light soy sauce, salt and stir-fry until the surface changes color, mix the liquid well, turn off the heat.

6. Wash the rice and add appropriate amount of water, then add all the materials, and the rice cooker starts the normal cooking process.

7, hot steamed pork ribs rice out of the oven, mix well out of the pot

8. At the same time, soak the washed green vegetables with boiling water

9. Put the greens on the steamed pork and ribs rice, drizzle with light soy sauce, and serve

I eat in Shenzhen restaurant this bacon ribs rice appearance level is very high, the taste is very good, I also found this dish from the Internet, share with you, if you come to China, must go to try this dish oh.

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