Stir-fried ham and sauerkraut with small potato slices

In order to do a good job of this English content station, all the content of the food channel from September is original by me. Recently, I made myself a small potato slices stir-fried ham sauerkraut, which is very good in taste and appearance. Today, I want to share the practice of this dish.

1. Choose smaller potatoes at the supermarket

2. Peel the small potatoes and soak them in water

3. When it’s time to cook at noon, start slicing the potatoes

4. When the oil in the pan is hot, put the potato slices in

5. Stir-fry for a few minutes, start with salt, then saute

6. Fry the potatoes until they are slightly browned and start to slice the ham

7. Finish with sauerkraut

Fried sauerkraut with potatoes and ham

8. Add some sour chilli and garlic

9. Add a little water, light soy sauce, old vinegar, stir-fry it and then it can be served

The above describes the potato practice, which is also a new attempt of mine in 2023, adding sauerkraut and pickled pepper, stir-fried taste is indeed better than some of the previous public practice of a lot of delicious, finally take you together to understand, how we should choose potatoes?

How do you pick good potatoes?

1. Look at the shape

It is recommended to choose a uniform size, intact appearance, no worm eyes, uniform shape, hard texture.

2. Look at the color

Choose a color that is earthy yellow for naturally growing potatoes. You can rub the skin, will not easily fall off the potato is fresh potatoes.

3. Look at the grain

There is no damage to the appearance is only one thing, observing the grain of the potato can actually determine whether the potato is fresh. When choosing potatoes, it is necessary to see that the grain of the potato is even and the small points on the potato are more, which means that the growing environment of the potato will be better. Such potatoes not only show that they are ripe and grow better, but also taste much better naturally.

How to choose the potato powder and crisp?

1. Shape

“Crisp” potatoes are usually round and roughly the same size. The shape is more irregular, the surface is easy to residual soil, and the general size difference of potatoes is “powder” potatoes.

2. Epidermis

The crisp potato skin is smooth and delicate, and the “pitting” on the skin is relatively small, and it looks very clean. Powder potato skin looks more rough, there will be a lot of “pitting”, there will be “skin”, so cooked potatoes will be more powdery waxy.

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