The power of the makeup cream has made countless women

The blogger himself is an online entrepreneur, usually busy work, do not have much time to make up, usually will use the next makeup cream, 2 minutes can be done, let our face immediately white oh. This article will take you to learn more about the makeup cream.

How to correctly understand and use skin cream?

More and more skin creams on the market, in the choice of time to pay attention to identification, if only some containing cheap titanium dioxide physical whitening ingredients skin cream products, it is best not to buy, such products can only afford BB cream and similar concealer effect; If you add nicotinic acid, hyaluronic acid and other active moisturizing and whitening ingredients of the skin cream can be considered, this type of product itself is a whitening effect.

The whitening effect of skin cream is mainly external concealer, generally used in the last step of skin care, in the final stage of basic care, take a small spoon 1/3 of the amount can be applied to the face, and gently pat until completely absorbed. Dark parts of the body, elbows, knees can also be used.

Above we understand how to correctly understand and use makeup cream, below to understand the correct use of makeup cream steps

1, thoroughly clean the skin, you can directly use facial cleanser to thoroughly clean the skin.

2. Basic skin care. After cleaning the skin, you can use toner, lotion, serum and other basic skin care.

3. Apply proper amount of cream evenly on the face and gently massage until absorbed.

4, if you need to make up, you can also use BB or CC cream to achieve better results, the skin will appear more delicate.

The correct time to use the cream

Makeup cream is a daily cream, so pay attention to the good time when using, should not be used at night, so as not to bring bad effects to the skin.

Finally, take you to understand how to choose a natural makeup box, I believe this is also a lot of people are more concerned about the topic

Know your skin type

The first thing to know is your skin type, is it dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin? This helps you choose the right product to meet your skin needs.

Target setting

Determine your purpose for choosing a makeup box. Is it for basic daily skincare or for specific issues, such as acne, wrinkles or dull skin?

View ingredients

Read the product ingredient list in the Facelift box. Make sure they are appropriate for your skin type and problem. Be especially careful if you have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients.

Refer to user reviews: See user reviews and reviews of this makeup box. The experience of others can help you understand the actual effect and quality of the product.

Brand reputation: Choose a brand with a good reputation and credibility. Some well-known beauty brands usually offer high quality products.

Price and budget

Determine your budget range. The price of the makeup box varies, and you can choose the right product according to your budget.

Purchasing method

You can buy the case in a physical store, or you can choose to buy it online. Make sure the purchase channel is reliable.

Trial and sampling

If possible, try a sample or trial kit first to test whether the product will work on your skin before buying formal wear.

Seasonally adjusted

Your skin may have different needs in different seasons, so you may want to consider choosing different lightening boxes according to the seasons.

The above is about the makeup box knowledge sharing, I hope it can help you, read it carefully.

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