The practice of brown sugar knife cutting steamed buns

1. Materials: flour, warm water, yeast, brown sugar, salad oil, red dates, raisins, etc.

2. Raisins soaked and drained

3. The red dates are pitted and chopped, and the flax seeds are fried and set aside

4. Pour warm water into brown sugar and stir to dissolve

5. Knead flour, yeast, and brown sugar water to form a dough, add salad oil and knead thoroughly, add red dates, raisins, and flaxseeds and knead evenly, round, and rest for 15 minutes

6. Roll out the dough into a 35cm long and 25cm wide rectangular sheet of uniform thickness

7. Roll into a cylinder and roll a little tighter. Gently rub from the center to the sides to make it evenly thick

8. Cut into three-finger-wide segments

9. Place in a steaming tray lined with greased paper

10. Let stand to rise until doubled in size. Gently press the surface with your fingers and it will rebound quickly, indicating that it has been fermented.

11. Steam for 30 minutes

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