The practice of dry fried octopus

Material: hairtail, salt, five-spice powder, cornstarch, scallions, shredded ginger, edible oil, chili powder, etc.

1. Wash the hairtail, cut off the head and tail, and clean the internal organs, black membranes, and blood stains

2. Use scissors to cut into sections; and use a kitchen paper towel to dry up the water, pay attention to the water in the fish maw should also be wiped clean

3. Sprinkle a sufficient amount of salt and five-spice powder and grab it well; then pour in the shallots and shredded ginger and fully grab it evenly

4. Dry the skin in a breathable filter basket

5. Coat both sides of the octopus with cornstarch before frying

6. After the oil pan is heated, fry on low heat until lightly browned and take out

7. Finally, turn on medium heat and fry again, and the surface is golden brown.

8. When eating, you can dip some chili powder or salt and pepper powder for a better taste

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