The practice of ginger double-cooked pork

Ingredients: pork belly, ginger, pepper, bean paste, salt, cooking wine, sugar, five-spice powder, dark soy sauce, sweet noodle sauce, vegetable oil, etc.

1. First wash the pork belly, put water in the pot, add the pork belly and ginger slices after the water boils, cook until the pork belly is 9 mature, turn off the heat, soak the pork belly in the original soup until it cools

2. Preparation materials: bell pepper, ginger, washed

3. Sliced ginger, sliced pepper

4. After the pork belly is cool, remove it and slice it

5. Heat the wok, put a small amount of rapeseed oil on it, put in the sliced pork belly and burst into oil, set aside for later use

6. Pour off the excess oil in the pot, leave a little remaining oil, add the bean paste and stir fry the red oil

7. Return the pork belly to the wok, stir fry evenly, and add 1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce, half a tablespoon of sweet noodle sauce, and 1 tablespoon of cooking wine

8. Pour the sliced ginger and pepper into the pot, and add the right amount of sugar

9.1 tablespoon of five-spice powder

10. Stir fry evenly, adjusting salt as needed

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