The practice of hot and sour lemon chicken feet

1. It is better to buy fresh chicken feet, cut off the nails, soak them for a while and wash them.

2. Cut each into three pieces

3. Put cold water into the pot, add a little cooking wine, boil, and skim off the foam

4. Then prepare ginger slices, onion knots, star anise peppers

5. Put cold water into the pot, put all the above seasonings in, add a little cooking wine, and cook for 15 minutes until cooked, according to personal taste

6. Sliced garlic, spicy millet, pitted lemon, cut twice

7. Put a small spoon of salt, a spoon of sugar, three spoons of soy sauce, four spoons of balsamic vinegar, a small spoon of steamed fish soy sauce, and a small spoon of oyster sauce in a small bowl, mix thoroughly

8. Put clean water in a small clean basin. I use pure water. If there is ice, I use an ice pack. Put the cooked chicken feet in the ice water and soak for an hour.

9. remove, drain

10. Put in the millet spicy, garlic slices, salt, sugar

11. Pour the juice

12. Top with lemon slices

13. Mix well and marinate for at least two hours

14. Prepare some cilantro when you eat

15. Just mix well

16. Hot and sour appetizing chicken feet are ready!

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