The practice of lotus root starch and sweet-scented osmanthus cake

1. Material: lotus root starch, glutinous rice flour, water, pure milk, white sugar, sweet osmanthus, etc.

2. Put all ingredients except water and sugar osmanthus into a large bowl, stir a little

3. Pour in water and stir until you can’t see any particles

4. Put a layer of non-stick paper on the bottom of the steaming bowl, and sieve the batter into the bowl, so that the taste will be more delicate

5. Add sugar osmanthus, mix well

6. Cover with a layer of plastic wrap, poke holes, put it in a steamer, and steam for 20 minutes

7. Drizzle with sugar osmanthus while it is still hot, and brush evenly

8. Let cool completely, cut along the edge with a knife, upside down, and cut into small pieces

9. Then pour some sugar osmanthus, lotus root flour osmanthus cake is complete

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