The practice of sauce eggplant

1.5 grams each of minced ginger, chopped green onion, and sliced garlic, sliced 280 grams of eggplant

2.100 grams of pork slices, pour in chopped green onion, ginger slices, 30 grams of starch, stir well

3. Put an appropriate amount of pork filling in the eggplant, and spread the starch on the outside of the eggplant

4. Cooking oil 500ML, heat the oil to 50% hot, fry on low heat until golden brown on both sides

5.5ML of edible oil, pour in sliced garlic, sauté on high heat, 300ML of water, 15 grams of XO sauce, stir well

6. Pour in the eggplant, and 2 grams of salt, and collect the juice over high heat.

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