The practice of small crispy meat

Material: tenderloin, sweet potato starch, salt, pepper powder, egg, oil, etc.

1. Cut the tenderloin into 3mm long strips, add 1 gram of salt and a little pepper powder to marinate

2. Add sweet potato starch to eggs and mix into a uniform paste, let it sit for a while

3. Add 1 gram of salt and the appropriate amount of pepper powder to the batter

4. Mix the marinated meat into the batter

5. Put oil in the pot and heat it to 60% hot (put chopsticks in the oil pot, there are small bubbles around the chopsticks)

6. Turn to medium-low heat and put the meat slices

7. Take it out when deep-frying until slightly yellow. This state can be used for stewing dishes. If you cook a lot, you can freeze or refrigerate it. When eating, take it out and fry it until golden brown.

8. It’s delicious to eat empty-handed

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