The practice of yam roast chicken

1. Material: Chinese yam, three yellow chicken, vegetable oil, braised soy sauce, light soy sauce, ginger, cooking wine, peppercorns, grass fruit, etc.

2. Wash the three yellow chicken and cut them into small pieces, so it is more delicious. Peel the green onions and cut them into sections, slice ginger, star anise, and peppercorns for later use.

3. Peel the yam and cut it into pieces, soak it in white vinegar water to prevent it from being oxidized and blackened by the air

4. Put the chicken pieces in a pot under cold water, boil over high heat, cook for about 2 minutes, remove them, and wash them with water to remove the fishy smell

5. Heat the oil in a hot pot, heat 70% of the oil, and add star anise, peppercorns, green onions, and ginger slices after the fragrance bursts

6. After simmering the chicken pieces, stir-fry the spice evenly, and stir-fry for 2 more minutes, which is more delicious and can be cooked thoroughly

7. Continue to stir fry until the sauce is more fragrant, and the chicken pieces are more delicious

8. Add water to cover the ingredients, not too much, about 2/3 is enough

9. Put a lid on the pot, and after the fire is boiled, turn to medium-low heat and simmer for about 20 minutes

10. Add yam pieces and stir fry evenly

11. Add yam pieces and stir fry evenly

12. Season the chicken essence (optional), collect the juice on a high fire, sprinkle with chives to enhance the flavor and color so that the ingredients are delicious and delicious, and the soup is rich and full of aroma, and the finished product has a beautiful color and is very bright.

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