The simple method of sour beans

Required ingredients: beans, red pepper, ginger, garlic, salt, high-quality liquor, mineral water (cool and boiled)

Production process:

1. It is very important to choose the beans, fresh and tender without insect eyes are the best. After washing with water, drain the basket to control the moisture; remove the stems of the red peppers and wash them for later use.

2. Prepare some ginger and garlic, wash them, and cut them into small cubes for later use.

3. Cut the dried beans into sections, not too chopped. Put it in a pot and sprinkle some salt to marinate for 20 minutes, slice the red pepper, sprinkle a little salt, and mix.

4. Wash clean glass bottles and make sure they are free of water and oil. Pour some white wine into it first, shake the bottle, let the inner wall of the bottle evenly stain the white wine, and play the role of disinfection and sterilization.

5. Put the marinated beans into a glass jar, place a layer of beans with a layer of salt, then sprinkle with diced ginger and garlic, then put a layer of red pepper and a little salt, and place them in order. The total ratio of beans and salt is about 10:1.

6. After everything is set, pour in the mineral water or boil it, and the water should not cover the ingredients. Finally, pour in a little high-quality liquor, seal it with a lid, and place it in a cool and dry place. You can open the lid and taste it in about seven days.

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